Costa Rica: Mining Company Sues State

The Bellavista mining company has gone to the Administrative Court seeking permission to reactivate gold mining activities in Puntarenas.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

According to the general manager of Metales Procesados MRW S.A., Donald Brown, the suit against the Costa Rican government was filed last May but the information had not been released until now. The official says they are not seeking any compensation, the intention is only to be allowed to reactivate operations.

In 2011 the mining company went to the National Environmental Technical Secretariat (Setena) with a proposed relocation of the plant and changes in the extraction process in order to be able to reopen. However, in January 2012 Setena considered reactivating the mine would "contradict the national moratorium on that activity, in force since May 2010," reported

However, Brown said the moratorium does not apply to this company because its gold mining permit dates from 1956.

Meanwhile, René Castro, the Minister of Environment and Energy, said that after the deluge the company introduced changes in mineral development thereby becoming a new project subject to the moratorium.

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Donald Brown, Bellavista mine manager and representative of Metals Processed M.R.