Costa Rica: Low Cost Insurance for Rice Crops

The state has reduced insurance premiums for crop insurance for rainfed rice to $224, $197 and $149 per hectare for areas of high, medium and low risk, respectively.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Although the premium reduction is partly due to the request made by the rice sector, the reduction is not enough according to producers.

Carlos Chaves, president of Conarroz, told "... 'For us, this reduction is substantial, but it is not what we need, so we are asking for a subsidy system to help us pay for premiums'. "

Alejandra Garreta, head of the INS Professional Technical Services, said: "... The risk levels were defined considering the claims experience of each area, ie, if they are linked to the planting area and have no relationship with the number of hectares . "

Rice is the only agricultural product that has had reductions made in insurance premiums this year.

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Excess Rice in Costa Rica

October 2011

A decree fixing prices has distorted normal market functioning, and caused overproduction of 19,000 tonnes.

The productive sector, together with representatives from the government agreed that the excess production will be acquired by various distributors.

Leticia Vindas writes on the website of El Financiero "...

Rice Harvest Surpasses Processing Capacity

June 2010

Costa Rica has harvested more rice than usual, and processing plants are incapable of handling this increase.

“The tipping point will be August, when the south zone and Upala are harvested. Rice grains cannot be stored at manufacturing plants, as once it is harvested it must be immediately dried”, reported

Costa Rica Forced to Import Rice

September 2009

Lack of rain has caused the loss of 400 hectares in the north of the country.

Foreseeing these problems, the National Rice Corporation (CONARROZ) had already negotiated the purchase of 45.000 tons from the United States, with an additional 10.000 tons to be brought in next February.

Rice Cultivation Declines

June 2009

The rice growing season of 2008-2009, registered a decrease of 22% in the area used for rice cultivation in Costa Rica, from the same period in 2007-2008.

The main causes for the reduction of the harvested area are the contraction of credit during 2008, a product of the international financial crisis, and the international decline in the price for rice during the same year.