Costa Rica Limits Licenses for Tuna Fishing

Licenses will be granted in the Exclusive Economic Zone only up until 5,847 metric tons have been fished and to foreign vessels that demonstrate they have put all of their catch into domestic processors.

Friday, March 17, 2017

From a statement issued by the President of Costa Rica: 

The Board of the Costa Rican Institute of Fishing and Aquaculture (INCOPESCA) has decided to limit tuna fishing permits for this year, 2017, as an interim measure while a new model is implemented to organise this activity.

The Executive Branch announced that it is reformulating the model for tuna fishing in order to achieve a balanced scheme between environmental conservation, the competitiveness of the fisheries sector and the use of national resources, sustainably and fairly, for which an Executive Decree will be prepared. While this process is being specified, the Board of INCOPESCA agreed to placing limitations on permits for tuna fishing.

The directors agreed that licenses for tuna fishing will be awarded in the Exclusive Economic Zone of the country to foreign flag vessels that demonstrate that they have placed all of their catch with domestic processing industries, and licenses to these vessels will only be granted for up to a total of 5,847 metric tons.

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The Costa Rican Tuna Industry Chamber warned about the possibility that the government will publish a decree that would extend the ban zone for the purse tuna fishery to a distance of between 100 and 150 miles from the Pacific coast.

According to the sector's union, this decree, which is in the drafting stage, would put at risk the fulfillment of the export commitments of canned fish to the world's main markets.

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The government has announced that it will modify the cost of licenses for tuna fishing in Costa Rican waters in order to adapt them to international market prices.

From a statement issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock in Costa Rica:

The Fishing Industry in Costa Rica

August 2013

Businessmen demands are a law that includes a scientific technical analysis, reorders fishing areas and controls fishing activities.

This is what the Costa Rican Chamber of Tuna Industry is asking for. According to an article in, the bill "should consider reviewing and updating the license fees charged to different sectors, so that these resources strengthen the institutions responsible for safeguarding the marine wealth and stop relying so much on Costa Rican state resources. "

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90% of the tuna catch made in Costa Rican waters is unloaded in other countries, mainly Ecuador.

So says the executive director of the Costa Rican Fisheries Federation (Fecop), Enrique Ramirez. Meanwhile, local fishermen are having a tough time due to declining marine resources.