Costa Rica: Light vs. Sugary Soft Drinks

Sugary soda sales continue to exceed those of low sugar content, but in the last five years the consumption of the latter group has grown more than the first.

Monday, May 11, 2015

By volume and value sales of sugary carbonated drinks continue to dominate the Costa Rican market, both at the retail and wholesale level. In 2014, 191.3 million liters were distributed, generating $574.3 million in revenue.

However, sales of light versions of soft drinks are growing faster. Federico Monge, from Euromonitor, told that "... 'The light category has had relatively higher growth than regular soda over the past five years because the latter are recovering from contraction in growth and currently tend to remain stable in both cases.' "

Added to the faster growth of preferences for sugar-free drinks are new trends for healthy and natural beverages such as teas, fruit drinks and aloe juice.
Gisela Sánchez, Director of Corporate Relations at Florida Bebidas, commented that "... 'The company has had healthy growth (in sales of light soda) in recent years, precisely because of the tendency of consumers to choose products with fewer calories and focus on healthy lifestyles."

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