Costa Rica Issues $1.5 Billion in Eurobonds

On November 12, the debt securities were sold in the international market, and at the end of the negotiation, bonds were issued for $1.2 billion maturing in 2031 and $300 million maturing in 2045.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The negotiation of the public debt issued by the government of Costa Rica in the international market closed at noon on November 12, and the yield for those maturing in 2031 was 6.25% and for those expiring in 2045 was 7.25%.

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During the early morning hours of November 12, Douglas Montero, an economist and financial advisor, told that "... it is likely that both issues will come to market with interest rates and yields according to the market and current conditions in Costa Rica. In this case would be precisely about 6.3% and 7.3%."

Montero added that "... it is probable that, at the time of issuance, a discount will be made on the relative price of the bonds, that is, they will be sold below 100% of their face value. This would be done so that the instrument achieves a relatively low rate, but offers the investor a higher return."

Citi Global Markets and HSBC Global Banking were the issuance banks and financial advisors that supported the country in the process of issuing securities and managing liabilities in the international market.

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During the auction held on February 1, 2021, the placement of domestic debt securities in local currency amounted to the equivalent of $210 million and in dollars to $115 million.

Through this mechanism, ¢129,667 million ($210.5 million) in Domestic Debt Securities Fixed Rate Colones and Sovereign Adjustable Real Domestic Debt Securities were allocated, informed the Ministry of Finance.

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Standard & Poor's has given a B+ rating to the $1.5 billion debt issue that Costa Rica expects to place in the international market in November.

"Global Ratings today assigned a "B+" rating to the prospective reopening of Costa Rica's notes which have a 7.158% rate maturing in 2045 and a "B+" rating in its planned issuance of notes maturing in 2031, the latter issue still does not have a defined trading rate," the rating agency said on November 8.

Citi and HSBC to Issue $1.5 Billion in Eurobonds

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Costa Rican authorities informed that Citi Global Markets and HSBC Global Banking will be the placement banks and financial advisors that will accompany the country in the process of issuance of securities and management of liabilities in the international market.

The issue that will be made at the international level is the one that was approved on July 16 through Bill No.

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