Costa Rica Frees Telecommunications Prices

The Council of the SUTEL has declared to be under effective competition the following markets: International Telephony, Fixed Internet, International Roaming and Telecommunications Transit.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Superintendency of Telecommunications postponed until the first quarter of 2017 the decision on a possible declaration of effective competition in mobile postpaid services.

From a statement issued by the Sutel:

After a detailed analysis of 11 Telecommunications markets, the Superintendency of Telecommunications (Sutel) determined that in 4 of them there exists effective competition, therefore regulatory intervention, from an economic perspective, is no longer necessary in accordance with Article 73 of the Law on Regulatory Authority of Public Services 7593.

The Council of the Sutel declared to be in competition the following markets: International Telephony, Fixed Internet, International Roaming and Telecommunications Transit  (two operators through the network of a third party).

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Costa Rica: Liberation of Telephony and Mobile Internet Rates

August 2017

If the proposal put forward by the Superintendence of Telecommunications is successful, the rates for telephony and mobile internet will be free of regulation.

The proposal to declare effective competition in the mobile phone market will put to public consultation for the next 15 days.

Telecoms in Costa Rica: Liberate Mobile Rates

May 2015

Six years after the market opened, authorities are assessing whether competition is effective in order to eliminate caps and free up rates for mobile telephony and the internet.

The methodology for determining whether or not there is effective or genuine competition in the telecommunications market has already been approved and the Telecommunications Regulator expects to have the results no later than the end of the year.

Costa Rica: Telecoms Moving Slowly

January 2015

Even though demand continues to grow, operators are not able to grow due to lack of effective competition in the mobile market and delays in the allocation of spectrum.

A portion of customers in the cellular market and other telecommunications services such as internet and cable television are still dissatisfied, but telecommunications companies are not able to increase their services due to the slow rate at which the rules are set and at which infrastructure problems are addressed.

Telecommunications Market in Costa Rica

July 2014

The Superintendency of Telecommunications in Costa Rica has presented its second statistical report for the period 2010-2013.

From the report by SUTEL:

General Development of Sector

Five years after the adoption of the General Telecommunications Law, No. 8642, evaluation of sector performance shows positive results in revenue, investment, employment, population coverage and diversification of telecommunications services.