Costa Rica: Fast Food Franchises Closing Operations

Citing unprofitability the investment group owner of the US franchise Wendy's has announced the closure of its operations in the country.

Friday, January 9, 2015

From a statement issued by Comidas Rápidas Wentica S.A. (Wendy's Costa Rica):

Comidas Rápidas Wentica S.A., operator of the restaurant chain Wendy's Costa Rica, under the principle of responsibly to shareholders, has decided to close its 10 stores in the country permanently, citing reduced the chain's profitability, due to the fact that Costa Rica is the third country in the world in terms of the number of restaurants per square kilometer.

We said goodbye to you with a deep appreciation for having preferred our services over the years. We leave with the satisfaction of having provided the service and quality products that characterize Wendy's since its foundation in the United States over 40 years ago.

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More Fast Food Closures in Costa Rica

March 2015

Representatives from the international franchise Burger King in the country have announced the closure of four outlets, due to "bad business results".

The outlets which will cease operations are located in the Paseo Metropoli shopping center, Plaza Real Cariari, Santo Domingo and Heredia .

Costa Rica: Another Fast Food Closure

January 2015

The restaurant chain Bagelmen's has closed seven stores which had been operating in the country for fourteen years, in addition to the recent closure of Wendy's, which closed its doors in early January.

Bagelmen's is the second large fast food chain which has closed its operations in the country this year.

Costa Rica: More and More Burgers

December 2012

There are at least 15 Costa Rican restaurant chains where burgers are the highlight dish on the menu.

International brands include Mc'Donald's with its 50 stores, Burger King with 31 and Wendy's with 13 restaurants. Other fast food franchises with burgers on the menu are "Carl's Jr., which debuted in 2011 and has six locations, and Smashburger, which opened its first store in Lincoln Square, earlier this month."

New Wendy's Restaurant in Costa Rica

October 2009

"Comidas Rápidas Wentica", Costa Rican operator of the franchise, will open its fifth restaurant in the country.

The $1 million restaurant is located in shopping mall "Paseo de las Flores", in Heredia, and will be open for customers in November.

Jorge Castellanos is the Director of Operations of the franchise in the country.