Costa Rica Ends 2018 with Another Downgrade

Standard and Poor's announced that it downgraded Costa Rican bonds from BB- to B+, adding to Moody's downgrade in early December.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Standard and Poor's (S&P) reported that the decision was made because the country's fiscal situation could generate a continuous increase in the general government's net debt burden.

“If the recent tax reform is not effectively implemented, and if additional fiscal measures are implemented if necessary, a continuous increase in the net debt burden of the general government could be generated, which will contribute to higher interest expenditures," explains the S&P report." reports that "... rigidities in debt management and an already high level of sovereign debt in foreign currency could increase the vulnerability of the sovereign to external shocks. S&P advanced that it could revise the outlook and put it "stable" if the government manages to reduce its fiscal deficit enough to gradually stabilize its debt burden."

S&P's downgrade adds to Moody's, since in early December it downgraded the ratings of the Costa Rican government's long-term and senior unsecured bond issuer from Ba2 to Ba1, and changed the outlook to negative. In making this decision, the rating agency argued that the main determinants of the downgrade include the continued and projected worsening of debt measurements in the back of large deficits despite fiscal consolidation efforts. See more.

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Costa Rica: Political and Fiscal Uncertainty Take Its Toll

June 2020

Standard & Poor's downgraded the foreign debt rating from B+ to B with a negative outlook, arguing that there is uncertainty due to the lack of flexibility of the Alvarado administration in implementing fiscal policy in the country.

The negative perspective in the new risk note, anticipates that there is a possibility that in the next 12 months the rating will be degraded again, if the authorities adopt policies that damage the country's financial profile.

Moody's Downgrades Costa Rica's Debt Rating

February 2017

In line with warnings from other ratings agencies regarding the serious fiscal problem and the lack of political will to solve it, Moody's has downgraded its rating from Ba1 to Ba2 with a negative outlook.

New York, February 09, 2017 -- Moody's Investors Service has today downgraded Costa Rica's government bond rating by one notch to Ba2 from Ba1, and maintained the negative outlook on the rating.

Negative Outlook for Salvadoran Debt Rating

January 2013

Standard & Poor's placed has set El Salvador’s risk rating as ‘negative outlook’, indicating deterioration in the investment climate and growth of the fiscal deficit.

Last Friday Standard & Poor's Ratings (S & P) cut its forecast for El Salvador, arguing that the climate of increasing political polarization is weighing on investment and economic growth.

S&P Also Upgrades Panama to Investment Grade

May 2010

Standard & Poor’s rated Panama as investment grade; Fitch did the same two months ago.

The risk rating agency raised Panama's long-term foreign- and local-currency sovereign credit ratings to “BBB-” from “BB+”.

"The upgrade reflects our assessment that continued economic growth--combined with moderate fiscal deficits--should reduce the government's debt burden and maintain its financial profile comfortably in line with that of other sovereigns in the 'BBB' rating category," said S&P credit analyst Roberto Sifon-Arevalo. The outlook on Panama is stable.