Costa Rica: Dollar Price Increases

After the exchange rate closed on August 23 at ₡565,88 per dollar in the wholesale market MONEX, an upward trend has been reported since then, reaching ₡581,33 per dollar on September 5, which could be the result of a lower participation of the Central Bank in the exchange market.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Official figures from the Central Bank of Costa Rica (BCCR) report that between early February and mid-August of this year, there has been a fall of up to 48 colones per dollar, when reporting a drop in the average rate in the wholesale market Monex from ₡613,87 to ₡565,88.

However, in recent weeks the trend has changed because between August 23 and September 5 a rise of 16 colones is reported, going from ₡565,88 to ₡581,33. See full figures.

Francisco de Paula Gutiérrez, former president of the BCCR, explained to that "... What has attracted my attention is that the volume of Monex in those eight days has been very low, what I suspect is that the Central Bank, in some way, began to worry about the process of appreciation that the currency carried.

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Amadeo Gaggion, Scotiabank's Treasury Director for Central America, says "... The depreciation observed in recent days in the exchange market responds to a seasonal behavior, which led to the over-the-counter surplus was lower in August compared to the two months expected, also it is likely that some economic agents decided to take advantage of the low levels to acquire dollars.

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November 2019

Because of the growing supply of dollars in the local market, which is explained in part by the income of $1.5 billion from the recent issue of Eurobonds, so far in November the price per dollar in the wholesale market has been reduced at ₡16,55.

Official figures from the Central Bank of Costa Rica (BCCR) report a downward trend in recent weeks, as between November 5 and 22 the price has dropped from ₡585,52 to ₡568,97, equivalent to a 3% variation. See full figures.

Dollar Price Goes Down

April 2019

In Costa Rica, the exchange rate of the U.S. dollar against the Colon began to rise in April, but from the 3rd to date, a fall of up to 12 colones per dollar has been reported.

After the average exchange rate against the dollar in the Monex wholesale market increased from ¢599.2 to ¢607.9 between March 29 and April 3, there have been continuous declines in the last few days, since as of this month's 17th it decreased to ¢595.8, one of the lowest levels of the year.

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January 2019

In Costa Rica, in the first half of the month, the exchange rate of the dollar with respect to the colon recorded a downward trend, however, from January 16 to 24 it increased almost 9 colones per dollar.

After the average exchange rate against the dollar in the wholesale market fell from ¢610.7 to ¢600.3 between January 8 and January 16, Monex has registered continuous increases in the last few days, rising to ¢609 on January 24.

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November 2018

With the purpose of "reducing pressures in the exchange market," the Central Bank of Costa Rica increased the interest rates of its term deposits as of November 7th.

With this increase in the interest rates of the Central Bank's deposit instruments, which is added to the one made last week, the entity seeks to foster savings in colones, particularly in instruments with longer terms.