Costa Rica: Delays in Sanitation Registrations Continue

Importers are complaining that the "Regístrelo" (RegisterIt) digital system is malfunctioning, and that it is not possible to carry out the steps manually, generating delays of up to five months in these processes.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Although the official announcement of the implementation of the new platform emphasized that one of the benefits was the reduction of timeframes, the import sector is criticizing delays of up to five months in processing health records granted by the Ministry of Health. Added to this is the fact that the system was made obligatory, there was not a period for improvements and now there are no other official instruments to use to register products.

The Costa Rican Chamber of Importers (CRECEX) noted "... The Ministry (of Health) decided to enforce the 'Regístrelo' platform from April 24, without keeping in place the option of submitting records manually until the operation of the platform was working perfectly, and this has led to members not being able to submit records for the registration process. "

They also note that "... So far, we have not found any added value beyond moving from a manual registration to using the platform, without gaining, through use of this implementation, any improvement in the process."

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Registration Procedures Digitialized in Panama

October 2014

An announcement has been made that as of October 24th all registration formalities in the registry may be made electronically through a new platform.

From a statement issued by the Public Registry of Panama:

In order to optimize the services offered to users and the general public, the Public Registry of Panama, within the framework of modernization, will run the Registry Electronic Registration System (CRS), a new technology platform that will provide greater legal certainty over private property and other rights on goods which are registered with the entity.

Costa Rica: Digital Platform for Health Records

April 2014

The "Regístrelo" (Register it) system allows online registration of food, drugs, cosmetics and biomedical materials.

Registration of medical records which previously was performed by the Ministry of Health can now be done via the web using a digital signature.

"This system, which became operational last October, incorporated drug registration in the same month.

Accelerated Business Licences for Companies

November 2012

A restaurant in the capital of Costa Rica obtained its business license in 10 days, using the “Crear Empresa”, (Create an Enterprise) website which has recently been launched.

A statement from the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Commerce (MEIC) reads:

First patent delivered online through ‘Crear Empresa’

No Real Progress in Reducing Paperwork

October 2011

The Costa Rican government has announced successes in de-bureaucratizing the country, but employers say that in reality plans to make it happened haven’t actually been put into action.

The business sector does acknowledge that some progress has been made, but is asking for better coordination between the different entities involved in issuing permits.