Costa Rica: Credit Cards Charge Up to 54%

A MEIC study found that credit card issuers charge interest rates between 20% and 54%.

Friday, December 11, 2009

There are 27 issuers in the country, whom collectively offer 407 different products, according to the study by the Economy, Industry and Commerce Ministry (MEIC).

The most expensive credit cards are: Compra Facil, issued by Medio Pago (54% interest rate), Vista International issued by BCT (50.4%) and Master Card issued by Citi (49.32%).

From "The cheapest of the cards are the Visa signature card issued by Citi which has a 20% per year interest rate, while the Banco Nacional and and Bancrédito Visa comes with a 22% and 25% interest rate, respectively and the Credomatic American Express with a 24% interest rate".

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Credit and Debit Card Market in Costa Rica

January 2014

At the end of October 2013 the number of cards in circulation amounted to 1,723,306.

A press release from the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Trade of Costa Rica reads:

Costa Ricans owe in total $1,496 million in balances on credit cards, which is an increase of $21.5 million (1.46%) compared to the latest study by the Directorate of Economic and Market Research, according to the cut made up to October 31, 2013.

Plastic Money in Costa Rica: Report up to July 2013

October 2013

Credit card debt grew by 1.5% to a total of $1.482 billion, while the number of cards in circulation up to July 31, 2013 was 1,731,673.

A press release from the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Trade of Costa Rica reads:

The Ministry of Economy, Industry and Commerce (MEIC) through the Department of Economic and Market Research has conducted its latest study on debit and credit cards.

Costa Rica: Consumers Owe $ 1.173 Million in Credit Cards

March 2011

The Economy Ministry presented the quarterly survey on credit and debit cards, through October 2010.

Regarding credit cards during for this period, there were 29 issuers with 403 types of plastic.

If debt was distributed equally among the economically active population, it would represent a per capita debt of $ 837, which is almost double the minimum wage.

Costa Rica: Controversial Credit Card Regulations

February 2010

New regulation to be enacted by the Economy Ministry has created controversy among credit card issuers.

Velia Govaere, vice minister, commented that the proposed changes will introduce more information transparency.

On the other side, Gerardo Corrales, CEO of BAC San José, argues that the changes would increase costs and complicate the operation of credit card issuing companies.