Costa Rica Could Import Beans From Outside Region

The Government is analysing whether to declare a shortage of beans and authorize the entry, of zero tariff grain from countries outside of Central America.

Monday, June 2, 2014

A study which quantifies purchase inventories that industrialists have made to local producers, will be used as a basis for the National Production Council (CNP) to determine the amount and type of grain to be imported and recommend to the institutions responsible whether they should declare a shortage. Once the declaration has been made and in accordance with the Act 8763, there would be no tariffs applied on the import of beans from countries outside of Central America with countries which have international treaties that are in force.

"Alejandro Monge, executive director of the National Association of Bean Manufacturers said that the declaration of a shortage would do nothing if there was not a resolution to the actions of the State Phytosanitary Service (SFE) which has slowed some imports coming from Nicaragua. "

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Costa Rica Needs to Import Beans

July 2016

The country needs to buy 10,000 metric tons of the grain in order to meet domestic demand from July this year to June 30, 2017.

The National Production Council has recommended that the Ministries of Agriculture and Foreign Trade prepare a decree declaring a bean shortage in the country and authorize its importation.

Costa Rica: No Reduction of Bean Prices

July 2014

Industrialist point out that the declaration of shortage of grain by the government has failed to solve the problem in the local market, where the price of a kilo has increased by $1.

The National Association of Manufacturers of Beans in Costa Rica (Anifri) argues that the change in the verification of phytosanitary measures by the Ministry of Agriculture is the cause of the grain shortages and price increases in the country.

Costa Rica: Nontariff Barriers for Beans

May 2014

Businessmen are complaining about a shortage of the grain in the market due to stricter phytosanitary measures designed to prevent the entry of beans with soil residues on them.

The National Chamber of Industrial Crops (CANINGRA) and the National Association of Bean Industrialists (ANIFRI) have separately warned that there could be supply shortages in the short term if the measure preventing the entry of products with soil residues coming into the country remains. In February and May the entry about 2,000 tons of red beans from Nicaragua was prevented for having breached this rule.

Help For Costa Rican Bean Marketing

February 2012

The Ministry will develop strategies, will intercede regarding for prices with industrial buyers and require producers to register all of their production.

The Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Xinia Chaves, promised bean producers in San Vito, Changuenas and Buenos Aires (south of Costa Rica) to help market their produce.