Costa Rica: Concession of Cellular Frequencies Resumed

The Superintendency of Telecommunications has now been given approval to hold the contest of 70 MHz for mobile telephony, which had been on hold since 2011.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Four years after the last allocation of frequencies, the Ministry of Telecommunications has given authorization to proceed with a public auction, in which it is expected that Claro and Telefonica will take part but not the state run power company as it already has a larger number of frequencies than private operators.

Vice minister Emilio Arias said in an article on that "... 'The competition is intended for those operators entering the market, but the ICE will not be taking part because they already have an amount of spectrum and obviously do no need more.'"

"... When part of the spectrum and the 900 band which is used by television (with the migration to digital services) are freed up, it will be possible to consider holding a new competition. "

The start of the bidding process is subject to publication of the Executive Agreement in La Gaceta

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Radio Spectrum: 70 MHz Idle

November 2014

Although in Costa Rica the convenience of the de-monopolization of the communications has been demonstrated, there is still resistance on the part of the government to allowing more operators to enter the market.

The market entry of a fourth mobile phone operator and thickening of the offer with 40Mhz are the two factors that are being studied before a call is made for bids which had been scheduled for the first months of 2015.

Costa Rica: Radio Spectrum Tender re launched

June 2014

The tender scheduled for the second half of the year includes a block of 40 MHz from the 1800 MHz band and a 30 MHz from the bands 1900/2100 MHz

After being canceled in late April by the Chinchilla administration, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Communications has decided to restart the project and is analysing how the bidding process will be structured.

4G Frequencies Under Consideration in Costa Rica

May 2013

The Government is considering a possible tender for a new radio frequency block that would provide fourth-generation mobile services.

Alejandro Cruz, Minister of Science, Technology and Telecommunications (Micitt), asked the Sutel to define the future of the 70 MHz block not auctioned in 2011, when Telefonica and Claro were awarded frequencies.

Costa Rica: No Date for Mobile Telephony Auction

March 2010

The process to publish the bidding rules for auctioning several frequencies of the radio spectrum to mobile phone operators is on hold since February.

Sutel, the country’s telecommunication superintendence, explained they are waiting for the government to send the National Frequency Distribution Plan (which modifies the definition of microwave frequencies).