Costa Rica: Competition Commission vs. Government

Running counter to a recommendation from the OECD to strengthen the independence and resources of work by the bodies that oversee competition, the Ministry of Finance will be intervening in the Commission's own tasks.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

An article on reports that "... A restructuration managed from the office of the Minister of Economy, Welmer Ramos, has resulted in the temporary disintegration of the Commission for the Promotion of Competition (COPROCOM) from 1 July. "

Three of the ten members of the board of the COPROCOM resigned their positions noting that "the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Commerce (MEIC) has made the mistake of weakening the authority on competition."

"... The last to resign indicated in a letter to the minister Ramos his disagrement with an internal reorganization that removed staff from the Technical Staff Support Unit, which provides services to the Commission. This unit, originally formed by 12 people, was split up in May. One part remained to support the COPROCOM and the other group was itself divided up to be sent to the newly created departments of "Investigations on Competition" and "Disclosure on Competition", which were assigned to the office of the Minister. This decision was challenged on the grounds that the Office - a political body - assumed powers that were originally assigned to the Commission - a technical body -. "

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Guatemala: Customs Union with Honduras Approved

January 2016

The decree approved by the Guatemalan Congress was the missing step needed to implement the free movement of people and goods between the two Central American countries.

From a statement issued by the Ministry of Trade:

Guatemala, January 22, 2016. The Congress of Guatemala yesterday approved a Protocol Enabling the Deep Integration towards the free movement of people and goods between the Republics of Guatemala and Honduras.

How Antitrust Law in Costa Rica Works

July 2013

Four months ago mergers and acquisitions in Costa Rica were conducted without any governmental control.

Now, operations of this type over $15 million must be authorized by the Commission to Promote Competition (COPROCOM) in the first four months of rule of law, four mergers or acquisitions of companies have been authorized

Mergers and Monopolies in Costa Rica

September 2011

In order to avoid paying penalties after a merger it is possible to obtain endorsement of the operation from the Commission to Promote Competition (COPROCOM).

A statement from the COPROCOM reads:

In Costa Rica, unlike most countries with greater developments in Competition Law, control of concentrations is provided for after the event, ie, once the transaction has occurred.

Costa Rica: New Competition Law Comes Into Force

November 2010

The reform, published in the Official Journal, includes regulations for advertising.

It provides an effective process to procedures due to complaints from consumers.

"It also creates the 'consumer associations net ' as an impulse from the state to organized civil societies, and designating the Department of Consumer Advocacy as the entity which will coordinate the efforts between these organizations and public institutions," according to