Costa Rica: Companies Must Report Their Shareholders

The Taxation Office has sent to consultation a resolution that would require corporations to disclose information about their shareholders.

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Directorate General of Taxation has sent to consultation a resolution demanding that every society must report who their shareholders are. This measure, according to Carlos Vargas, chief of Taxation, aims to verify payment of transfer tax, in addition to meeting the standards of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

He added that " ... in the Law of Tax Management Strengthening the model of indirect transfer is created, under which a tax is levied on the transfer of real property in any business involving the transfer of a property. The only possible to manage this tax lies in having the information of the owners of the companies and the subsequent changes in ownership of social capital".

" ... Besides, Costa Rica is making a process of compliance with international standards of tax transparency, which also requires a record of this kind."

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Shareholder Registry: New Deadline in Costa Rica

April 2021

Initially the ordinary period to declare the beneficial owners of the companies was due on April 30, but the authorities decided to extend the deadline to May 31.

This declaration was to be submitted during the month of April; according to resolution N°DGT-ICD-R-06-2020, however, due to the state of emergency facing the country due to the Covid-19 pandemic, these institutions agreed to extend the deadline, in order to guarantee the fulfillment of this obligation and facilitate voluntary compliance, informed the Ministry of Finance.

NO to Delivering Shareholder Registry to Treasury

April 2015

The Chamber of Industries in Costa Rica has filed an administrative appeal against the decision by the Treasury department to require major contributors to produce records of their shareholders.

From a statement issued by the Chamber of Industries of Costa Rica (ICRC):

Chamber of Industries files for judicial review against provision of information on shareholders

Costa Rica: More Time to Submit Information to Treasury

March 2015

The General Department of Taxation has extended until March 19th the deadline for companies classified as large taxpayers to provide the information required for tax purposes.

The General Department of Taxation has tightened controls on large taxpayers, implementing a new standard called Multifunctional Scheduled Objective Analysis (AMPO by its initials in Spanish), through which it requires companies to submit information such as "... data from its shareholders and its imports and corporations, among other information of significance to tax matters. "

Concern about Privacy Leaks for Shareholders

February 2015

The private sector in Costa Rica is having doubts over the ability of the Treasury to prevent information leaks, if approval is given to a requirement for companies to disclose shareholder information.

The business sector fears that the authorities will not be able to control possible leaks of confidential data which companies must provide if the decree proposed by the Directorate General of Taxation is approved.