Costa Rica: Bureaucracy Slows Digital Television

Lack of coordination among the agencies involved in the start-up of digital tv has caused its introduction to be delayed until at least July.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

"The schedule was to start digital signals in January, but we could not do it because we didn't have the legal discretion of the Procuraduría, who sets out the field and defines the legal model to be used. The entity in this case, said that it will grant experimental use permits (probationary periods) to companies ," said Rowland Espinosa, Deputy Minister of Telecommunications.

According to the official, during the months of March and April the Ministry of Science, Technology and Telecommunications (Micitt) and the Telecommunications (Sutel) worked on a draft regulation on the use of temporary permits to be granted to operators.

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September 2015

With the 11 licenses granted by the State concessionaires who currently broadcast in analog and interested parties begins the testing phase prior to the planned transition in 2017.

From a statement issued by the Presidency of Costa Rica:

San Jose, Tuesday September 29, 2015.

Transition to Digital Television Criticized in Costa Rica

July 2013

The Comptroller General of the Republic is warning that the move to digital television is full of mistakes, and therefore is requesting the Government to amend the project.

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May 2009

The Costa Rican Superintendent of Telecommunications has not yet approved the entry of any new operators.

With little time to adjust to its responsibilities, the Superintendent of Telecommunications (SUTEL) has already stumbled at the doorstep over its own obstacles, as well as some placed by the government, according to the opinion of industry experts.