Costa Rica: Better Perspectives for the commercial sector

The perspectives of companies in the commercial sector registered an improvement at the end of the year and by 2016 the industry expects to grow by about 4%.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

From a statement issued by the Chamber of Industries of Costa Rica:

The Chamber of Commerce of Costa Rica, has made a brief review of the performance of the sector during 2015, and presents trader's expectations for 2016.

During the third quarter of 2015, the Commerce Sector regained confidence in the country´s economic situation, after the downward trend observed since 2014 stopped for this period.

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Commercial Sector Suggests Resumption of Activities

April 2020

Applying cleaning and prevention protocols in workplaces and shops, such as those stipulated by the health authorities, are the proposals of Costa Rican businessmen to resume the commercial activity that has been restricted since mid-March.

Following the spread of covid-19, in Costa Rica and the other Central American countries, governments have decreed mandatory quarantines and have also restricted the movement of consumers at certain times.

Retail: What to expect in 2020?

December 2019

After recording in 2019 a decline in sales and loss of formal jobs, companies in the commercial sector of Costa Rica predict that during next year their revenues will begin to recover.

The current year has been a year of economic and commercial contraction, mainly because of the loss of consumer confidence and the consequent reduction in sales, which in turn reduced the capacity for investment and employment generation by companies, explains a statement from the Costa Rican Chamber of Commerce (CCCR).

Good Prospects for Retail in Nicaragua

November 2017

The retail industry projects $680 million in sales in the Christmas and end of the year season, which would represent a 7% increase compared to the 2016 season.

The Chamber of Commerce and Services of Nicaragua projects an increase in sales in the two months remaining until the end the year, especially for products such as food, beverages, textiles, clothing, toys, appliances and vehicles.

Panama Trade to Grow by 230% by 2026

February 2012

During the next 5 years, trade in Panama will grow at an annual rate of 9.11%, later reducing between 2017 and 2022 to 8.68%.

The data comes from a study by the HSBC Group, who attributes the rapid growth to the expansion of the Canal.

By 2026, trade will have increased by 229.17%, based on rates in 2011.