Costa Rica: Anti Tax Evasion Bill

The new Solís administration plans to establish the Value Added Tax and demand proof of tax payment for procedures in public institutions and on application for bank loans.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

The tax reform being prepared includes a bill to reform income tax. This is part of a project by the Ministry of Finance which includes 55 specific actions among which are changes in the area of ​​income, reducing government spending and control of state borrowing.

"The measures include changes in the area of ​​income, spending, borrowing and investment as well as technology and accountability."

"In the case of income, the plan will be to take it to 14% of GDP this year, representing an increase of 0.75 percentage points compared to 2013. Spending is expected to be cut by 0.20 percentage points of production in 2014. In order to achieve this, this year 2,500 vacant positions seats will be frozen, equivalent to a saving of ¢24,650 million ($45 million) and ¢23,700 million ($43 million) will be cut in areas such as travel, consulting, among other things."

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Costa Rica: Minister Calls for Tax Rise

October 2014

The Vice President and the Minister of Finance have insisted that the Assembly adopt a draft law to establish global income and convert the sales tax into value added tax.

This December is the date set for the plan to convert to sales tax into value added tax (VAT) and for the first quarter of 2015, the bill on global income. Also in 2015 a draft law will be submitted on the Framework Law on Exemptions.

Costa Rica: Details of Anti Tax Evasion Bill

August 2014

Limiting the deduction of interest from income tax and eliminating the exemption from payment of 15% for dividend distribution between companies are part of the changes included in the project.

The Bill to Improve Anti-Tax Fraud, presented by the Ministry of Finance amends various tax issues that must be taken into consideration by companies operating under Costa Rican law.

Costa Rica: Income Tax Statement to Request for Loans

July 2014

The Ministry of Finance is preparing a bill that would require filing an income tax statement before applying for a loan from a bank.

The purpose of this initiative against tax evasion is for the Ministry of Finance to "... have the same status as the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS), ie that people must be up to date with payments to the institution in order to make arrangements in the public sector. "

Tax Reform to Reduce Public Spending

January 2013

In Costa Rica a new tax reform package includes an attempt to reduce state expenditures by 1% of GDP.

The Finance Minister Edgar Ayales, outlined to to the details of a new attempt to correct the deficiencies of the Costa Rican tax system, while curing the problems in public finances.