Costa Rica: Agro Industry Against Pacific Alliance

The agricultural union is upholding its position against entering the block and has unlinked itself from the group consisting of other business chambers which is lobbying for accession.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016 reports that "... 'The agricultural sector grouped in the National Agricultural Alliance (ANA) sent a letter to President Luis Guillermo Solís in which it expressed opposition to the entry of Costa Rica into the Pacific Alliance. "

By this means, the National Chamber of Agriculture and Agribusiness, chaired by Juan Rafael Lizano, has broken links with the Business Council of the Pacific Alliance (CEAP), which recently grouped together nine other private unions.

"... The CNAA insisted that for the agricultural and agro-industrial sector, the damage arising from a possible entry into the bloc will be much greater than the few and supposed benefits to be received," indicated the letter addressed to President Solis."

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Fierce Opposition to the Pacific Alliance

July 2018

Entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector in Costa Rica are maintaining their position against an eventual incorporation into the commercial block made up of Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile.

Although it is not yet a priority on the agenda, the Ministry of Foreign Trade plans to initiate a consultation process with all the sectors involved, to analyze the positive and negative aspects of an eventual accession to the Pacific Alliance (AP), and in what way the process should be carried out.

Costa Rica: Agro Against Pacific Alliance

April 2015

While the government makes further assessments over joining the bloc, the agribusiness sectors is emphasizing the negative consequences of any renegotiation over tariffs.

Representatives from the agricultural sector argue that the country's entry into the Pacific Alliance will mean "...

NO to Renegotiating Tariffs in Pacific Agreement

November 2014

The Costa Rican Chamber of the Food Industry states that it would be unacceptable to change the treatment given to the products in existing bilateral treaties.  

From a statement issued by the Costa Rican Chamber of Food Industries (CACIA):

Country should not rush to deprotection of product by joining the Pacific Alliance

Costa Rica: Entry Into Pacific Alliance Under Consultation

October 2014

With opposition from agro-industry, the government has initiated the processes required to join the trade bloc, including a consultation period, which runs until the end of the year.

Entry into the block requires a greater commercial opening than that established in free trade treaties negotiated between Costa Rica and member countries, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile, which is why productive sectors such as agriculture and industry oppose it.