Costa Rica Activate Barriers to Rice Imports

In what seems to be a reaction caused by the rice lobby, the government is now requiring imported rice to be fortified in its country of origin.

Friday, October 14, 2011

11,400 quintals of grain loaded into 21 containers have been detained in the port of Limon, because they violate a rule which states that unhusked rice must have vitamins added to it in its country of origin. The requirement has existed since 2002, but has not be applied until last Friday.

An article in, reported that "The importing firm, La Maquila Lama, claimed that it was strange that the decree was activated as a requirement by customs a few hours after a meeting between the government and national rice producers. The meeting was last Thursday. The Government propitiated with an agreement that the industry would receive all of the harvest. The Vice Minister of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG), Tania Lopez, acknowledged that the industry asked for the decree to be activated, but this was negotiated several months ago."

The increase in rice production in Costa Rica, motivated by the expectations generated by the decree fixing the price of grain, which is considered an excessive subsidy by the WTO, exceeds the industry's capacity to receive and thoroughly dry the current crop, which is why producers are attempting to stop the import, which is being conducted at lower prices than that fixed by the government for local production.

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March 2020

From March 2 to 16, local authorities will submit for public consultation the Draft Technical Standard, Characteristics and Technical Requirements of the Premix for the Fortification of Piled Rice.

The project on "Premix for the Fortification of Piled Rice" is the result of one of the two regulatory documents of the General Directorate of Standards and Industrial Technology (DGNTI), reported the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MICI).

Rice Problem In Costa Rica Becomes International

October 2011

Local problems generated by fixing the price of the grain have extended to the international arena, sparking protests from exporting countries affected by non-tariff related barriers put in effect.

Argentina's ambassador sent a protest letter to the local Foreign Ministry regarding the requirement that the husked rice imported by Costa Rica be fortified with vitamins in its country of origin.

Panama Approves Rice Fortification Project

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The Assembly approved the investment of $1.8 million a year for the rice fortification program on the national level.

The Law defines a term of 6 months for milling companies and packagers incorporate a mixture that contains various nutrients, and dosage machines that can do the job.

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The National Assembly will discuss a bill on rice fortification next Wednesday.

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