Costa Rica: $91 Million More for Road Works

CABEI and the Costa Rican authorities have signed a contract to extend the "Strategic Road Infrastructure Works Program" for a further $91 million, which finances, among other works, the construction of the Northern Beltway.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The Central American Bank for Economic Integration (BCIE) informed that the $91 million addendum, in addition to the $340 million of the Program, will allow the construction of the Northern Beltway Functional Unit V which maintains a cost of $70.5 million, as well as the reinforcement and modernization of the bridge over the Virilla River on National Route 32.

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The Northern Beltway in San José is made up of five functional units that make up 5.4 kilometers of track over highly trafficked locations. As of August this year, the Functional Unit (UF) I was 40% complete, the UF IIA 14%, the UF IIB 95%, the UF III 87% and the UF IV 87%, while the UF V, which will be financed with this credit extension, awaits its order of commencement for the next few months, according to the press release dated November 16, 2020.

Rodolfo Méndez Mata, Minister of the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT), said that "... we are fulfilling our commitment to secure the resources that will allow us to conclude National Route 39. Thanks to the support of CABEI, we have the money to develop the only section of the Northern Beltway that remains to be started and that, when built, will connect the entire peripheral ring that surrounds the capital city."

The report states that "... the CABEI Strategic Road Infrastructure Works Program is made up of several works of great national importance. Some of them have already been executed and enabled for their use, such as the overpass of the Garantias Sociales, the bridges over the Virilla River on Route 1, Route 32 and Route 147, as well as the definitive access to the Container Terminal of Moin in Limon; while others are being executed such as the Northern Beltway and the Guadalupe overpass."

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Costa Rica: $90 Million for Road Works

December 2019

CABEI approved the extension of financing to CONAVI for an amount of up to $90 million, to finance the completion of the northern section of the peripheral ring in the Uruca - Calle Blancos section and the rehabilitation of the bridge over the Virilla River, National Route 32.

The construction will be executed by the National Roads Council (CONAVI).

Nicaragua: $585 Million for Public Infrastructure

October 2019

The Central American Bank for Economic Integration signed two loans that will be used to finance road works and works to improve water and sanitation systems.

The first is a loan of up to Ch$333,874,540 million to finance the "VIII Road Improvement and Expansion Program". And the second one for $251,470,000 million for the "Program for the Improvement of Potable Water and Sanitation Systems in 7 cities," informed the CABEI.

Public Infrastructure Works in Secret

September 2017

In Costa Rica, the National Road Safety Council has signed a confidentiality agreement with the UNOPS to keep information on two publicly funded road construction projects a secret.


The way in which the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) in Costa Rica manages its projects is already embarrassing. Not only did they establish an impossible series of obstacles when the Comptroller General of the Republic requested a review of the contracting record for the new bridge over the River Virilla, but they have now directly formalized their intention of not revealing any details, through the signing of a confidentiality agreement with the National Road Council (Conavi).

Costa Rica and its Below Par Enactment of Public Works

November 2016

Of the $1592 million in loans for road infrastructure granted up to September this year, the Ministry of Public Works has only used 33%.

The $1592 million correspond to, says, "... loans for $60 million for roads and cantonal bridges, $390 million for the expansion to four lanes of Route 32 between the crossing towards Rio Frio and Limon, $340 million for routes between Canas-Barranca and Paquera -Playa Naranjo and $450 million for the Northern Beltway, the´platina´and Saprissa bridges, among other things."