Corruption in the Construction Sector

In Guatemala, the Public Ministry has revealed the existence of a network of "bogus" construction companies, which through the "simulation of services, may have invoiced, between 2012 and 2014, multi million dollar sums of money from bribes."

Monday, July 17, 2017

A statement from the Public Ministry (PM) states that: "There were eight companies that were set up to obtain commissions in favor of former Minister Sinibaldi Aparicio. These are: Empresa Asfaltos de Guatemala, Compañía Constructora de Obras Civiles COCISA S.A., Construcciones y Diseño S.A., Constructora Jireh S.A., Constructora Nacional S.A., Ingenieros M y T, S.A., Denis Eli Marroquín Castillo / M&C Construcciones, Conglomerado empresarial, Diseño y Desarrollo de Proyectos de Construcción (D&D Construcciones), Juan Francisco Sandoval Girón - former Deputy Minister of Communications, Infrastructure and Housing and Pavements, which according to the investigation issued multi million dollar commissions."

Read full press release by the PM (in spanish).

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Which Companies Built Public Infrastructure in 2019?

February 2020

Van der Laat & Jiménez, H3 Guatemala, Constructora Codico, Bagatrac S.A. and Constructora Meco are some of the main companies that last year won contracts to design and build public works in Central American countries.

An analysis by CentralAmericaData's Trade Intelligence Unit provides interesting data on the companies that in 2019 were favored with contracts to design and build government buildings, roads, bridges, streets, overpasses and other public infrastructure works in Central American countries.

Odebrecht's Multi Million Dollar Fine

April 2017

Although the $2.6 billion fine is the highest of its kind in history, it is almost half of what the Brazilian construction company initially agreed with the US Attorney's Office.

The fine imposed by a court in the Eastern District of New York puts an end to, at least in US courts, one of the most controversial corruption cases in history, involving the involvement of state officials and companies, businessmen and high ranking politicians. 

Panama: 23 Interested in $38 million Roadworks

August 2015

Twenty three companies have expressed interest in participating in the tender to build the El Guabal - Luis Rio - Calovébora highway in the province of Veraguas.

Companies that attended the approval meeting:

Derivados del Petróleo S.A., Asfaltos Panameños, S.A., José Cartellone Construcciones, MCM Global, Ingenieros Civiles, Ingenieros Civiles Asociados S.A., Cusa, Ininco, Bitumems de Panamá S.A., Constructora Meco, Concor S.A., China Harbour Engineering Company, Consultores Profesionales de Ingeniería, Constructora Queiroz Galvão, Cemosa, Copisa, Constructora Rodsa S.A., Benito Roggio, Marsh Semusa, Transeq, S.A., Transcaribe Trading, S.A., Constructora Norberto Odebrecht and Inv. Los Tres, S.A.. Three, SA.

Almost Identical Bids in $30 million Tender

November 2013

Conalvías, Meco and Constructora Urbana submitted proposals with a difference of one dollar in the tender to build the road interchange at the former Howard military base.

Seven companies were initially interested in the tender conducted by the Ministry of Public Works and whose reference price $33 million.