Corporate Social Responsibility in Nicaragua

The aim is to promote best practices in companies.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

In order to increase awareness about the importance of corporate social responsibility, this week sees the launch of a series of events under the slogan "Profitability and responsibility, the road to excellence."

Over twenty stalls manned by companies that have committed to the issue will share their experiences with visitors to the event which is to be held at the Crowne Plaza Convention Center in Managua.

An article in reports: "Ximena Ramirez, president of the Permanent Council of Women Entrepreneurs in Nicaragua, noted that CSR "is not just a new and modern way of doing business, it is the way to do business in the globalized and competitive world."

According to Gilberto Alcócer, president of the Nicaraguan Council for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (Conimipyme), those representatives in the grouping can not be left out of CSR framework, because it is such an important strategy for developing productivity and competitiveness.

However in order to achieve this, he said, "it takes three agents: business, government and society."

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A resolution of the Maritime Authority of Panama forces maritime concessionaires to devote to social projects a percentage of the investment amount stated in the contract.

The Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) has adopted a resolution whereby companies who sign contracts for maritime concessions are obliged to pay a "...

Economics of Corporate Reputation

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Corporate reputation is the perception that stakeholders have of how a company meets their respective expectations.

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Little Corporate Social Responsibility in Panama

August 2009

The perception of Panamanian customers regarding Corporate Social Responsibility activities is low, despite important investments by companies.

A study called "Corporate Responsibility Monitor 2009" measured consumer perceptions on CSR activities in Central America.

In Panama, when individuals where asked to name the companies with better social responsibility performance, 49.1% said they didn't know or didn't answer.

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Ligia Olvera, strategic consultant, makes an extensive analysis of the subject from a Costa Rican perspective, with conclusions that are useful for all Central America.

In her analysis in the "Strategic Reflections" Blog in, Ligia concludes that: "Businesses commitment can not be just expressed as a PR slogan.