Corporate Building: $5 Million Investment

In San Salvador, construction began on a financial center in the Escalón neighborhood, a project that will require an investment of about $5.2 million.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

On February 13, officially began the construction of the Financial Center of the Cooperative Savings and Credit Association of the Federation of Engineers and Architects of El Salvador (ACOFINGES), which will have technology focused on energy saving.

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Pablo Espitia, architect and representative of the Espitia Barrachina Arquitectos firm, explained to that "... The building is characterized by an exterior solar protection screen, with avant-garde architectural design, which will benefit energy savings. In addition to VRF type air conditioning, LED lighting, anti-seismic engineering, among other technological features."

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The article adds that "... It is expected that in 13 months the corporate building will be fully constructed and open to Salvadorans on 75th Avenue North and 3rd Street West, No. 3898, in Escalón neighborhood, San Salvador."

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The area of ​​the San Benito neighborhood is one of the areas of the Salvadoran capital that reports great dynamism in the construction of vertical housing, office buildings and shopping centers.

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