Corn and Beans: Losses in Nicaraguan Production

Because of the scarcity of rain in the region known as the Dry Corridor, producers in the country estimate that in the first cycle of the year has lost about 30% of corn crops and 35% of beans.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Directors of the Union of Agricultural Producers of Nicaragua (Upanic) explained that for the so-called "first production", Estelí lost 50% of the bean crop, and in Nueva Segovia fell between 40% and 50%.

See "Crops in Central America: Main Figures in 2018 review that "... In the department of Madriz there are also losses of up to 80% of the corn crop. In the cultivation of dry rice, according to Upanic, 50% of the crop was lost during the first sowing, particularly in the department of Nueva Segovia."

Álvaro Vargas, vice-president of Upanic, said that "... The production of first is the lowest volume for the consumption of basic grains. The production of last and drought is the most important in the national production. We should not have a shortage of beans for national consumption. We do not want to alarm or give information that promotes speculation in the case of fixed or basic grains."

Also see "Corn: Imports up to December 2018

Regarding corn imports in the region, CentralAmericaData reports that in 2018 the main buyer according to the imported value of grain in Central America continued to be Guatemala with $236 million, followed by Costa Rica with $175 million, El Salvador with $137 million, Honduras with $127 million, Panama with $101 million and Nicaragua with $46 million.

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February 2019

Partly because of the reported drought between June and July 2018, the estimated production of basic grains for the 2018/2019 agricultural cycle is 19.5 million quintals, 20% less than in the previous period.

The Salvadoran Chamber of Small and Medium Agricultural Producers (Campo) estimates that for the 2018/2019 agricultural cycle corn cultivation in the country will rise 14.5 million quintals, 31% less than reported in the period 2017/2018.

Drought Continues to Cause Losses

August 2018

Because of the drought that is affecting several areas in Central America, in El Salvador, agricultural producers estimate that at least 6.3 million hundredweight of corn, valued at $39 million, have been lost.

Representatives from the Salvadoran Chamber of Small and Medium Agricultural Producers (Campo) said that due to the drought, which lasted up to 40 days in some areas of the country, they have lost more than 6 million hundredweight of corn, valued at $38.6 million.

The Basic Grain Market in Honduras

November 2017

In the last 16 years the amount of land cultivated with white corn has grown at an average annual rate of barely 1%, while in the case of beans, growth has been at an average annual rate of 6%.

From the executive summary of the report "Current situation of basic grains in Honduras", prepared by the Honduran Council of Private Enterprise: 

Nicaragua to Import More Grains Duty Free

August 2014

Due to a reduction of local production because of drought, the government has authorized, for the second half of the year, an increase in tax-free imports of red beans, rice and corn.

In the case of red beans, an additional 10,000 tons has been approved on top of the 20,000 authorized in June, while for rice the quantities will be defined in the coming days.