Controversy Over TV Import

In El Salvador, the Ministry of Economy drafted a bill to regulate the commercialization and importation of devices not compatible with digital television, but the Superintendence of Competition failed to endorse it.

Monday, April 15, 2019

At the end of 2018, the country began its transition to digital television, since the state-owned TV channel Canal 10 began broadcasting the open digital signal, and it was reported that in the next three years it will have to be implemented by private TV stations.

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For the General Superintendence of Electricity and Telecommunications (SIGET), the equipment needed in the country are those with the model called "Integrated Digital Broadcasting Services", known as ISDB-Tb.

The purpose of the draft discussed in the country, is to allow the import and marketing only of equipment that has the ISDB-Tb technology.

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Luz Estrella Rodríguez, Minister of Economy, explained to that "... the draft, which is still under discussion, received contributions from this sector and affirmed that "the best thing for the country is that we start bringing all the televisions that are adapted to this technology. The bill must go to the (Legislative) Assembly and it must be understood that it will be done for the benefit of consumers.

The article adds that "... The Secretariat for Legislative and Legal Affairs of the Presidency of the Republic requested the opinion of the Superintendence of Competition on this bill, which contemplates prohibiting the sale and restricting the import of televisions that do not incorporate an ISDB-Tb tuner, as long as their size is equal to or less than 43 inches. However, the entity recommended to the Executive to not submit this draft because it considers that it would infringe the rights of information, choice, competition in the market and the discipline of imports."

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