Contract signed for laying of electric cables in El Salvador

With an investment of $3.1 million, electricity will be provided to sectors in 34 municipalities in five departments.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

According to the agreement, $2.6 million will come from the Millennium Fund, representing 85% of the cost of the project and $465 thousand, or the 15% percent, will be provided by the AES Group.

This is the first phase of the rural electrification program by Fomilenio which expects to install 1,400 kilometers of secondary lines to connect the sectors and homes in most of the 94 cities and towns that will benefit from the $461 million donation from MCC of the US.

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AES El Salvador Buys $350 Million in Energy

May 2010

The company, who distributes 80% of the country’s energy, purchased supply for the next two years.

After a public bidding process, the winning companies were Nejapa Power, Duke Energy and Cutuco Energy.

Abraham Bichara, President of AES El Salvador, told newspaper La Prensa Gráfica that “signing these contracts is strategic, as there will be changes in the energy market … we want to reduce costs for consumers and attract more investment to the country”.

El Salvador: $18 Million for Rural Electrification

June 2009

Plans in new infrastructure and maintenance of the existing one will be focused on the northern and eastern zones.

The executive president of AES El Salvador, Abraham Bichara, reported that $5 million have been invested to date.

Daniel Choto reported statements by Bichara in "We're betting on rural electrification, but we must obviously complement it with those investments that are needed in the networks of major cities that are expanding"

$33 million for Electricity Network in El Salvador

June 2009

The electrification project comprises 1,385 km of distribution lines for electricity in the country’s northern zone.

The contract will be executed with funds from the Millennium, and it will increase electricity coverage from 72% to 97%.

"The project will provide access to electricity service to more than 30 thousand households in 94 municipalities of the Departments of Morazán, La Unión, San Miguel, Chalatenango Santa Ana, Cabañas and Cuscatlán. The deadline for implementation of this project is three years from the signing of the contract, for which Fomilenio will contribute 85% ($28.1 million) and the AES Group will contribute 15% ($4.9 million)," published

El Salvador: Electric Company to join Stock Exchange

September 2008

The Eastern Electric Company (EEC) plans to make a public offering of shares on the Stock Exchange of El Salvador.

With more than $66.4 million invested to date, the company is seeking to increase its investment capacity in order to face growing demand in the eastern zone arising from the development of the La Union Port.