Contraband Continues to Afflict Companies in Guatemala

Businesses are asking the Executive to reactivate the National Commission against Smuggling to protect issues such as competitiveness, intellectual property rights and the rights of consumers and entrepreneurs.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

When the criminal customs fraud structure in Guatemala known as La Linea fell, the National Commission Against Contraband (Conacon) ceased to be operational. For this reason, representatives of the Coordinating Committee of Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial and Financial Associations (CACIF) met with the President and Vice President, Jimmy Morales and Jafeth Cabrera, in order to revive the entity, reported

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"... Abel Cruz, Deputy Minister of Investment and Competition at the Ministry of Economy, supports the reinstatement of this entity that allows a comprehensive fight to be made against smuggling and fraud. He said that the ministry itself should contribute on issues related to competitiveness, intellectual property and the rights of consumers and employers, who are affected by these practices."

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"... According to Javier Zepeda, executive director of the Chamber of Industry, there is a need to recover an institution that brings together the private sector and the Government to combat smuggling. They are waiting for a decision to be made in the coming weeks. The commission was led and chaired by former Vice President Roxana Baldetti. After revealing the case of La Linea, the institution began to weaken. "

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Contraband Causes Losses of $1.6 billion

September 2013

Guatemala's Conacon estimates that the state loses no less than $1.6 billion a year in unpaid taxes due to contraband.

The information was released by Manuel Chocano, Executive Secretary of the National Commission for the Prevention and Combating of Customs Fraud and Smuggling (Conacon).

Reduced Smuggling in Guatemala

November 2012

Anti smuggling operations are working, resulting in tax collections by Customs grow by 3%.

From a publication in Diario de Centro América:

Working together to reduce smuggling

The first quarterly report of the National Commission Against Contraband (CONACON) contains encouraging news: From June to September smuggling has been reduced and customs revenue increased 3%.

Action Against Smuggling Demanded

May 2012

Businesses in Guatemala have suggested creating an anti-smuggling unit made up of the Public Ministry and the National Civil Police Force.

The members of the Chamber of Industry of Guatemala (CIG) proposed to the Vice President Roxana Baldetti that a series of measures be taken to combat smuggling, which is affecting trade.

Guatemalan Businessmen Demand Action Against Smuggling

October 2011

Business sectors are demanding greater action against a crime which generates losses of $1,280 million annually for the treasury.

The results of seven months of work by the National Commission for the prevention of Customs Fraud and Smuggling (Conacon) have not met business expectations.