Container Theft Spreads to Nicaragua

Carriers are warning that an epidemic of theft of containers that primarily affects El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, may be starting to affect Nicaragua.

Friday, October 9, 2015

The president of the Central Transport Federation (Fecatran), Marvin Altamirano, told that "... at least four cases of container theft have occurred in Nicaragua. "With the authorities we managed to stop about four containers that had been stolen, and which were loaded onto trucks with Guatemalan plates, that showed that the vehicles were already in contact with international criminal gangs.'"

The main problem which could arise if better controls are not put in place to prevent container theft in the country, is that transportation costs will rise because there would be an increase in security costs, as has happened in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

"If Nicaragua does not go on the alert in light of these thefts, sooner or later, the same circumstance will be felt at home.'"

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Cargo Transport: Costa Rica Tightens Restrictions

May 2020

In order to mitigate the spread of the covid-19, the government decided that as of May 18, only transporters that make direct transit from border to border will enter Costa Rican territory, whose units must be subject to police surveillance.

On 15 May, President Carlos Alvarado issued two decrees aimed at keeping the number of foreign transporters in the country as low as possible, reported the Costa Rican presidency.

Central America: Threats to the Supply Chain

May 2020

Since El Salvador, Costa Rica and Panama have set a 72-hour time limit for freight drivers operating in the region, hundreds of units have decided to halt their operations as a measure of pressure.

Due to the health crisis resulting from the covid-19 outbreak, Salvadoran, Costa Rican and Panamanian authorities decided that the drivers of the cargo transport units entering the country will have only 72 hours to make the formalities at the borders, and to unload and reload the goods from the vehicles.

Costly Break to Regional Trade

March 2019

Central American businessmen assure that the customs tax on the transport of cargo in transit or with final destination that the Nicaraguan government wants to impose "threatens the instruments of Central American integration, and becomes an obstacle to intraregional trade.

Weeks ago it was reported that from March 15 would begin to collect the customs tax, however, the authorities did not specify what amount will be required from carriers. 

Guatemala: Road Blocks Affecting Transport

February 2017

Business associations have declared their opposition to the roadblocks set up by groups of farmers in different parts of the country, which are affecting the passage of freight.

From a statement issued by the Chamber of Agriculture:

Guatemala, February 9, 2017. In respect to the blockades across the country reported today, we declare: