Contain Lust While in Power

Three tips to avoid the "poison of the penis" while in power and ruin your career.

Friday, October 29, 2010

In the classic novel "Portnoy's Complaint”, Phillip Roth writes, " When the penis goes up, the brain is buried in the ground” explaining the behavior of many powerful men.

The list of sex scandals is long, and likely to spread. The "Poison of the penis" is very powerful and has serious implications on personal, family, and of course, institutional matters.

Robert I. Sutton, in his article on Bnet, provides guidelines to avoid being infected with the "poison of the penis":

1 - Accept that you, by having a penis, are at risk.
The powerful believes to be immune to any of the risks of power, and too often it is not so.

2 - Get rid of "yes sir" subordinates and reward those who warn you of mistakes.
That is good in all circumstances and necessary to be warned when lust is making you act inappropriately.

3 - If you think there is room for romance, wait for the other person to make the first move.
This will prevent judgment mistakes about the intentions of others and, according to lawyers, is an important point in your favor when you have to face a sexual harassment lawsuit ...

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