Consumption of Low-Calorie Beverages

In Costa Rica, changes in consumer trends have led beverage companies to expand their product portfolios with juices and soft drinks with low calorie content.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Companies such as Florida Bebidas, Coca Cola and Dos Pinos have started to expand their range of carbonated and non-carbonated beverages to include low-calorie products, with the aim of meeting a demand that has been growing in recent years.
See also "Central America: Non-Alcoholic Beverages Market" reports that "... According to the numbers, regular carbonates are still the most consumed type of drink but the growth rate is lower (1%) than in other categories such as low-calorie (5%) juices (14%) or teas (23%)."
Gisela Sánchez, director of Corporate Relations at the firm, stated that "... the reduced calorie options respond to consumption trends in the Costa Rican market, the influence of other markets, as well as local and global policies focused on promoting health."
The manager of Corporate Affairs and Farmers at Dos Pinos, Francisco Arias, explained to that "... "The behavior of the non-carbonated beverage category has been growing in recent years.  In the total market, there is still no major difference in development between the two segments, but in some consumer groups, the sugar content and the caloric load in beverages has started to become more relevant."

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March 2019

Dos Pinos and Distribuidora Corripio invested $30 million in the construction of a plant that has an area of 8,500 square meters and a packaging capacity of 250,000 liters per day.

The Costa Rican Cooperative of Milk Producers Dos Pinos and Distribuidora Corripio, founded the Caribbean Dairy Group, being their first joint investment the construction of the new industrial plant, which will produce 50 varieties of dairy products, juices, nectars and soft drinks of the Dos Pinos and La Granja brands.

Changes in Non-dairy Drinks Market

September 2016

Dos Pinos, the largest producer and distributor of milk in Costa Rica has acquired a nondairy beverage production plant, which until now has been in the hands of Bebidas Mixtas de Centroamérica.

With the purchase of this plant the Costa Rican Cooperativa de Leche Dos Pinos is seeking to venture into the regional market of drinks such as fruit juices, soft drinks, teas and bottled water.

Costa Rica: Light vs. Sugary Soft Drinks

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Sugary soda sales continue to exceed those of low sugar content, but in the last five years the consumption of the latter group has grown more than the first.

By volume and value sales of sugary carbonated drinks continue to dominate the Costa Rican market, both at the retail and wholesale level. In 2014, 191.3 million liters were distributed, generating $574.3 million in revenue.

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The Costa Rican dairy giant has merged with the cooperative Coopecoronado.

Both companies have been in a partnership since 1999, through which Coopecoronado became associated Dos Pinos.

From May 1st, almost all of Coopecoronado’s 300 employees joined Dos Pinos, explained Luis Esteban Brenes, commercial director of the latter company.