Consumer Protection In Insurance

A new insurance law which is under discussion in the Legislative Assembly provides for the creation of a Consumer Ombudsman's Office for Insurance.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This unit, within the Superintendency for Insurance, is responsible for representing insurance consumers from the public, creating guidelines for protection and providing legal representation when necessary.

"It stipulates, for example, that all insurers licensed for supllying general lines to people, have a management system according to their activities, which is responsible for being aware of and addressing, in a personalized way complaints and disputes arising from its relationships with consumers .

With regard to contracts, those that restrictthe rights of the insured, and which unreasonable or disproportionately favor the position of representing companies or contain waiver or restrictions of client rights are considered to be abusive and will result in the contracts being declared invalid", reported

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Panama: Insurance Companies to Pay More

October 2011

The annual supervision and regulation rate will increase from $2500 to $50 000 for insurance companies and $75 000 for reinsurers.

The new insurance and reinsurance law brings with it several changes, among which is an increase in the rate charged by the Superintendency for overseeing businesses that offer insurance in the country.

Costa Rica: Insurance Agents vs. Brokers

August 2010

The country's new insurance law restricts which products agents can sell but the restrictions do not apply to brokers.

Insurance agents, due to their contractual relationship with insurance companies, can only offer their products. However, they may do this with different insurers at the same time, provided that these companies' products belong to different categories.

New Panamanian Insurance Law In The Works

February 2010

Panama’s insurance industry grew from 17 participants two years ago to 27 today, and $850 million in insurance policies.

An update to Panamanian insurance legislation has been discussed for the past 8 years. Talks are currently being held between insurers and regulators to modify Law 59 of 1996, the one currently in force in a growing, competitive insurance market.

Still no agreement on Insurance Law in Guatemala

September 2008

The proposed law to regulate insurance activities is still causing discord 22 months after it arrived at the Legislature on November 2, 2006.

The plenary session of Congress was supposed to take up and approve the articles and final version of the initiative yesterday; however, this did not happen because the initiative was removed from the agenda until the various factions receive the amendments made yesterday by the Superintendence of Banks (SIB).