Construction Started on Rio Hato Airport

The MECO Construction Company has received the order to begin construction of a tunnel on the Panamerican Highway and renovation of the runway at Scarlett Martinez airport.

Monday, September 19, 2011

A statement of the Presidency of Panama reports:

President Martinelli has given the order to proceed on construction of road underpass and renovation works at the intersection of Rio Hato Airport.

* More jobs for Panamanians will be generated
* This sector will be enhanced even further in its development as a tourist destination

The renovation of the Scarlett Martinez Airport in the province of Cocle, will become a reality, after the president, Ricardo Martinelli, through means of the Civil Aviation Authority and the Ministry of Public Works will give this Friday September -16 – the order to proceed for the project entitled "Design and Construction of Tunnel in the Panamerican Highway and Renovation of the Scarlett Martinez runway in Rio Hato ."

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Rio Hato Airport to be Inaugurated in July 2013

September 2012

Works on the adaptation and renovation of what will be the third international airport in Panama are 70% complete.

A statement by the Presidency of Panama reads:
President Ricardo Martinelli, with the Minister of Public Works, Jaime Ford, conducted an inspection of the construction area of the project to adapt and renovate the Scarlett Martinez airport and the tunnel on the Panamerican Highway which crosses the runway, a project that is the first of its kind in Latin America.

Meco Construction Company to Build Rio Hato

July 2011

The company funded with Costa Rican capital has won the tender issued by the Panamanian Civil Aviation Authority for the construction of the Scarlett Martinez airport passenger terminal.

The company Meco, one of four who submitted proposals, was the only one that met all the requirements in the statement of specifications.

MECO Construction Offers Best Price for Rio Hato

June 2011

The offer by the Costa Rican construction company is $35.9 million, Panama Bacsa’s was for $36.1 million.

Both proposals are below the state reference price of $36.2 million.

As long as no objections are filed and requirements are fulfilled, Meco Construction will be awarded the contract.

Panama: Infrastructure Tender for $36 million

May 2011

The Ministry of Public Works is putting out to tender the construction of a tunnel and the redevelopment of the runway at the Rio Hato airport.

The tender is for the design and construction of the Panamerican Highway Tunnel and the redevelopment of the airport runway in Rio Hato Scarlett Martinez, Province of Cocle.