Construction Companies Complain about Road Infrastructure

The Costa Rican construction sector has requested the government clarify and prioritise public infrastructure projects.

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Costa Rican Chamber of Construction has issued a press release representing the following groups:

The National Laboratory of Materials and Structural Models (Lanamme UCR), The Federate School of Engineers and Architects (CFIA), The Union of Chambers of Private Enterprise (UCCAEP), The Costa Rican Chamber of Construction (CCC), The Chamber of Architectural and Engineering Consultants (CCAI) and the Association of Streets and Roads in Costa Rica (ACCCR).

The statement says that “A group of public and private organizations called ‘Consensus for the Rescue of the National Road Network’, intends to provide solutions for the Government to improve the state of the national road network through short, medium and long term planning.

“In the last 30 years, investment in infrastructure for transport has not been a priority of the administration responsible for the sector. Up to 30th of June of this year, the execution of the CONAVI budget was 20%, and payments from such correspond mainly to loan services, primarily addressing complaints by contractors and administrative expenses and not in investment in works.

Costa Rica occupies 101st place in the world in terms of infrastructure, according to The Global Competitiveness Report 2010-2011.”

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Costa Rica: Construction Fell 13% in 2017

January 2018

The builders' association has reported that 6.4 million square meters were processed in 2017, 13% less than in 2016.

In a statement from the Costa Rican Chamber of Construction (CCC), the president of the organization, Jorge Arturo González, said that "... 'this slowdown highlights the need to boost private sector investment in construction, which has stopped not only because of political uncertainty, typical of an election year, but also due to excessive procedures, high financing costs, legal uncertainty, low competitiveness in infrastructure and high construction costs, among other things'." See report by the CCC (in Spanish).

Costa Rica: Resistance From Entrepreneurs to Highway Project

February 2014

Complaints have been made that the bill awarding construction of the Caribbean route to a Chinese company was approved without preliminary drawings, calculation of materials and study of costs.

Grupo Consenso believes that it is "unacceptable" that the Committee on Financial Affairs agreed to accept as reasonable the cost presented by China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC), in the amount of $465 million.

New Road Infrastructure Crisis in Costa Rica

September 2013

Lack of maintenance on drains has caused a main road in San Jose to close and engineering blunders have aggravated the situation, seriously affecting the country's economy.

A clogged drain under a major road in the capital of Costa Rica, along which 60,000 vehicles drive every day, caused water to overflow from the pipe and brought down part of a slope which forms the foundation of the road there.

To the Rescue of Road Infrastructure in Costa Rica

November 2012

Costa Rican professional and business organizations determine priority road projects

The National Laboratory of Materials and Structural Models (LANAMME), the Association of Engineers and Architects (CFIA), the Costa Rican Union of Chambers and Associations of Private Enterprise (UCCAEP), the Costa Rican Chamber of Construction, the Chamber of Architecture and Engineering Advisors and the Association of highways and roads of Costa Rica, have formed a working group called Consensus for the Rescue of the National road Network, which seeks to reverse the sharp deterioration of Costa Rican road infrastructure, caused by decades of poor maintenance and lack of new investments.