Confusion Over Limits for Real Estate Development

The official proposals for defining urban areas in the Greater Metropolitan Area in Costa Rica, contains contradictions and generates uncertainty.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A second proposal for the Land Use Plan of the GAM (Potgam in Spanish), which has been released for public consultation by the Ministry of Housing and Human Settlements (MIHAS in Spanish), has generated more controversy and confusion over the new limits for an urban containment radius .

This is a second version of a proposal by the National Institute of Housing and Urbanism (INVU in Spanish). Geologist Allan Astorga said in January that the first proposal by the INVU was not environmentally friendly.

"Astorga, who coordinated the studies of the failed Urban and Regional Planning of the Greater Metropolitan Area (PRUGAM) project, said the Potgam increases the current radius to around 15,000 hectares (150 square kilometers), of which 62% are areas of high or very high environmental fragility", reported

"The urban containment radius was updated. What we are proposing is that some counties with adequate space could be adjusted, provided that municipalities support it," said Leonel Rosales, director Urbanism at INVU, who rejected any possible environmental damage.

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Urban Management Plan for GAM in Costa Rica

November 2013

The greater metropolitan area (GAM) needs to renew a plan dating from 1982 to address overcrowding, sound, light and environmental pollution, poor waste disposal, and traffic chaos.

Nació reports that "After years of debate and millions of dollars spent on failed projects, environmentalists, public bodies, private companies and municipalities have reached a consensus on the GAM 2013 Plan."

Ordnance Planning for Greater Metropolitan Area

May 2013

The Government of Costa Rica is preparing a third plan for land ordnance in the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM by its initials in Spanish).

This was announced by Guido Monge, Minister of Housing and Settlements (MIVAH)."It is called Plan GAM 2013, and will be built on the remains of its two predecessors: the Regional Urban Plan for the Greater Metropolitan Area (PRUGAM) and the Land Use Plan (POTGAM) (the latter introduced in January this year) which never, because of their designs, reached the approval stage, " noted an article in

Land Management Plan in Costa Rican GAM

July 2012

Opposition to the expansion of the boundary for urban development in the greater metropolitan area is preventing the necessary renewal of the rules for land use.

Led by the Ministry of Housing, the Territorial Ordering Plan for the Greater Metropolitan Area created by the Institute of Housing and Urban Development, is in a period of consultation.

Lack of Planning in Costa Rica

June 2011

Commercial growth is advancing far faster than the regulations that should be controling it, creating territorial disorder and public infrastructure problems.

The cantons of the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM) that have the biggest challenge are those with the most important business growth (Escazú, Santa Ana, La Union, Curridabat, Montes de Oca, Moravia and Central Heredia).