Concession for Quarry in Panama

For a period of 20 years Corpus Christy Mineral Development could extract nonmetallic minerals in the village of Las Margaritas, district of Chepo.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The company could "... exploit 256.33 hectares in Las Margaritas and if the comply with the obligations satisfactorily, could have the permit extended for 20 years as stipulated in the contract ...", reported

Corpus Christy Mineral Development will pay the state an annual fee of $17,990 in rent. The company is licensed for extraction of 2,500 cubic meters per day of quarried stone.

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Tender for Basalt Rock

April 2018

In Guatemala, the supply and on-site delivery of 4,400 cubic meters of boulder-type basalt rock is being put out to tender.

Guatemala Government Purchase 7820054: 

"The department of forestry, conservation and soil management, at the Authority of Lake Amatitlán, wishes to purchase 4,400 cubic meters of basalt boulder rock, for the expansion and stabilization of the channel, banks and slopes of the Villalobos river and the confluence of its main tributaries.

Honduras: Mining Exports Up 23%

June 2017

In the first quarter of the year, exports from the mining sector totaled $39 million, an increase of 23% compared to the same period in 2016.

From a report by the Central Bank of Honduras:

The products classified in the mining activity accounted for an exported value of US $39.0 million, US $7.4 million (23.3%) more than in relation to March 2016; brought about by an improvement in the price of minerals in the international market, which has encouraged the largest shipments. 

Panama: Nonmetallic Mining Down

May 2016

The boom in housing construction does not compensate for the lack of new large projects that require stone, sand and cement produced from non-metallic mining.

An article on reports that "...The reduction in sales of the building materials they produce (stone, sand and cement) is remarkable, as pointed out by some members of the sector, a fact which is heavily affecting their income, to the point that some are thinking of giving up the activity. "

Nicaragua: Expectations for Nonmetal Mining

April 2016

Mining companies anticipate good results for 2016, not only because of the expected improvement in international prices but also due to the dynamism of local construction.

Non-metallic mining is the category, in the view of representatives of the sector, which achieved the best performance this year because of the construction boom in the country, which is demanding ever more limestone, sand and other essential materials used for building.