Concern in Panama Over Requirement to Import Raw Material

A proposal put forward by the Aupsa would require all companies that import raw materials, ingredients and food for manufacturing, processing or commercial repackaging, to register with the institution from 2017.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Union of Industrialists in Panama (SIP) warned of the risk that it believes is represented by the draft proposal by the Panamanian Food Authority (Aupsa), which wants to be responsible for the registration of people who import into the country food or raw materials used for the manufacture or processing of products intended for human or animal consumption.

The union, according to a publication on, is very concerned that an attempt is being made to give such powers to Aupsa, when the Ministry of Commerce and Industries is the entity responsible for maintaining a registry of industrialists.

In the view of the president of the IAPA, Michael Morales, the system created by Aupsa for registering raw materials, as easy as it seems, will become part of the government red tape and bureaucratic processes, which is reducing the competitiveness the sector in relation to imports.

However according to Julio Ramirez, former president of the National Cattlemen's Association, it is the responsibility of Aupsa to regulate these types of raw materials coming into the country.

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An extension until August 28 has been given to the deadline for importers to update the documentation required by the Panamanian Food Safety Authority.

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