Concern About Rising Crime of Extortion in Guatemala

Employers indicate that the cost of paying extortion fees on productive or commercial activities, can amount to up to 1% of sales.

Friday, February 8, 2013 reports that "The country's industrialists have declared taken their concerns to the Minister of the Interior where they reported being victims of extortion and theft and a killing spree that is maintaining a 'climate of anxiety' in the country, said Javier Zepeda, president of the Chamber of Industry (CIG by its initials in Spanish). "

More than 90 employers attended the meeting of the Chamber of Industry (CIG) along with Mauricio Lopez Bonilla, in charge of public safety, who presented the strategy to be implemented this year.

The unionized industrialists asked questions about the regulation of private security services, and the reinstatement of police stations to protect private property and maintain order, among other topics.

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More Extortion, Fewer Companies

May 2018

In El Salvador every week at least two companies report that they intend to close down due to the impact of extortion, a problem that, far from being resolved, seems to be getting worse every year.

Representatives from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of El Salvador (Camarasal), said that the country's employers do not see any significant improvement in the security climate, following the six month extension last April of the extraordinary measures of the Sánchez Cerén administration to try to control crime and insecurity.

El Salvador: Growing Industrial Unrest Due to Insecurity

March 2016

Businessmen have stated their categorical opposition to statements made by a government official that confuse extortion with the funding of organized crime.

The statements by the Technical Secretary of the Presidency of El Salvador, Roberto Lorenzana, against companies in the country that suffer from extortion caused a strong reaction from the private sector, four days after Industrias La Constancia publicly announced that it was suspending operation of its plants because of increasing insecurity and violence.

Agriculture in Guatemala Cornered by Crime

December 2013

Guatemalan agricultural employers spend $300 million on private security representing between 12% and 16% of their budgets. reports that "the Chamber of Agriculture (Camagro) reported that during 2013 there was an increase in criminal acts such as kidnappings, threats and extortions against their workers, as well as the theft and destruction of private property ... "

High Rate of Extortion Forces Businesses to Close

September 2012

A study conducted in July by the Chamber of Commerce of Honduras shows that extortion has caused the closure 1,600 companies.

Crime that has been affecting the country's economic development, discourages investment and generates job losses, said Mario Bustillo, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Tegucigalpa.