Complicated Panorama for Pineapples

Low international prices, overproduction and greater competition from markets such as the Philippines, is worrying Costa Rican pineapple exporters.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

On top of those factors is also the fact that exports to China have not grown as much as expected, due to complications faced in getting the product there in perfect condition. According to the exporters themselves, this difficulty   "... is taking Costa Rica out of the market, as it takes between 28 and 30 days to arrive and it is estimated that a maximum of 20 days is required to maintain the quality intact."

See "Pineapple export figures from Costa Rica to March 2018"

Businesses in the sector believe that the effects of this conjunctural situation that they face will start to be felt  "... as of the second semester of the year, although in the first six months the pineapple sector has shown remarkable growth. A producer from the north, Christian Herrera, said the recovery, if it comes, will take at least a year and a half, while Abel Chaves, president of the National Chamber of Agriculture and Agro-industry (CNAA), said that, very possibly, this year, 2018, will see a decrease in export figures for this fruit and that in 2019 they may aspire only to maintaining the levels of 2018."

"... The situation is worrisome and is forcing Costa Rica and pineapple producers to look for alternative markets to sell the fruit, including New Zealand (a delegation of technicians visited Costa Rica last week), Japan, Israel and Peru, explained Chaves. With all these markets, access requirements that are in process must be met."

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At the beginning of 2019 there were 44,500 hectares dedicated to fruit cultivation in Costa Rica, however, because of high production costs and a drop in international prices, by 2021 the cultivated area could fall to 38,000 hectares.

Directors of the National Chamber of Pineapple Producers and Exporters (Canapep) explained that the fall in the price of pineapple internationally is because of increased competition, since countries such as Colombia, Ecuador and Panama, have managed to gain market share in the U.S. and Europe.

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