Company Interested in Chan II Hydroelectric Station

AES Panama may be interested in taking on the hydroelectric construction project, which until January of this year was granted in concession to Odebrecht.

Monday, June 26, 2017

While the government is evaluating the way forward for the project, which remained unfinished after the concession to Odebrecht Energy Luxembourg was withdrawn in January, AES Panama, which currently operates five hydroelectric stations in the country, may have shown interest in assuming responsibility for the project. "... In fact, AES Changuinola is currently in charge "... of the operation and administration of the Changuinola I hydroelectric plant in Bocas del Toro." reports that " ...AES' aspirations were made public by general manager Miguel Boligana at a recent forum of corporate executives."

See: "Future of Hydroelectric Chan II Redefined"

"... Government sources reported separately that they are preparing the tender documents to call for a new tender for the construction of the project in Changuinola."

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Odebrecht's Hydroelectric Concession Recalled

January 2017

The construction company has one week to respond to the proposal put forward by the Panamanian government, which is geared towards cancelling the award of the Chan II hydroelectric station at no cost to the State.

The Ministry of Finance submitted the proposal to the Brazilian construction company on January 26, and it has one week to respond and start to coordinate the withdrawal from the construction project on the dam now known as Bocas del Toro.

Panama: Tender for Hydro Station and Governmental City

December 2013

For both projects partnership between a private developer and the State will be sought, with investments that will add up to about $1.45 billion.

Frank De Lima, the Minister of Finance, made ​​the announcement during a meeting with the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama.

Tender for 300MW Hydroelectricity Concession

October 2013

Panama is looking for a private partner to invest $600 million in the construction of the hydroelectric station Changuinola II.

"... Over the next few days, the government will put out to tender a contract for a private company to take over the construction of the hydroelectric station Changuinola II (Chan II), which is currently in the hands of state electricity company Edesa."

Hydroelectric Station Tender in Bocas del Torro

August 2012

Panama's government will be inviting bids for a concession, which was initially granted to AES before being canceled, for the Chan-II 213 MW hydroelectricity project.

An article in reports that "It would be the second award for this project located in Changuinola, after the U.S.