Colombian Stock Exchange Operator Opens Office in Panama

The stock brokerage firm, Corredores Asociados, will open an office in Panama City in October.

Friday, August 12, 2011

The company already has permits from the Financial Supervisory Authority said Alberto Escobar, vice president of asset management for Corredores Asociados, who added, "A year ago it was decided to get into this market, an idea born of the spirit of enterprise to think big and open new lines of international business and to gain parity with our competitors. "

"Also recently opened in Panama is a branch of Correval which already has 130 customers and manages assets of $25 million, figures that are expected to be multiplied in the next two years. ‘We believe that Panama is the gateway to investing in other international markets. We will offer our customers the opportunity to invest in products such as stocks, mutual funds, currencies and all the alternatives that the Correval service offers in Colombia", said Andres Nariño, manager at Panama Correval’”, reported

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New Rules for Stock Exchanges

August 2017

Panamanian stock market officials are evaluating increased controls on securities houses operating in the country, through the figure of corporate governance.

The Superintendency of Securities in Panama is analyzing the possibility of demanding that the stock brokers fulfill norms of corporate governance, as banks and insurers already do. 

Nicaragua: Stock Exchange Transactions Up 30% in 2016

January 2017

Trading volume last year reached $1.526 billion, 30% more than what was traded in 2015.

The repo market accounted for most of the volume traded in the stock market in 2016, with an increase over 2015 of 33%. The volume traded in these instruments was 382 million, while in 2015  $289 million was traded.

Panama Opens Up its Stock Market to 46 Countries

May 2014

The market is now in its first stage of operations with transactions of government bonds and state owned institutions, which will be followed by corporate bonds.

The new link between the Central Latinoamericana de Valores Latin Clear Central and the largest global custodian of shares ​​Euroclear allows emissions on the Panama Stock Exchange to be purchased by investors in 46 countries around the world.

Panamanian Stock Market Could Be Out of Iosco

March 2014

The International Organization of Securities Commissions is demanding regulatory approval so that the country will not be excluded from the international money market.

The stock market has a need for exchange of information in order to comply with the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO), which requires its members to have a mechanism to determine who is the beneficiary of a transaction.