Colón, Panama: Tax on Distribution of Goods

The private sector is describing as illegal a new municipal tax on vehicles distributing goods in Colon, which ranges from between $15 and $100 depending on the commercial sector.

Friday, November 28, 2014

The measure was opposed by the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama, who argues that it could be replicated by other municipalities, hurting business. However, city officials say the tax has a legal basis.

The director of Ornato, Health and Public Order, Rigoberto Torres, told that "... Article 74 of Law No. 106 of 1973 states that municipalities may impose taxes and contributions on all industrial, commercial or profit-making activities of any kind carried out in the district. Besides the tax is not against companies, but is for trucks carrying out the activity in the district of Colon. "

A consultant for the Municipal District Council of Arraiján, Claudia Barcenas, added "... Due to a lack of funds municipalities are seeking measures that are not viable, from a legal point of view. Municipalities should not levy taxes on economic activities that already paid for where they are registered. The laws and Constitution are clear in emphasizing what taxes should be charged by municipalities because they are not sovereign in terms of taxation. "

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Panama: Poultry Transport Tax Collection Suspended

November 2014

The municipality of Colon has decided to suspend the collection of $100 tax for each truck distributing chicken, which had started on October 7th.

A similar decision was taken in the district of La Chorrera, where "... the mayor said (to producers) that during his administration he will not establish taxes on farmers, producers and agro-exporters".

Panama: Increased Penalties for Tax Arrears

November 2014

At the end of the December 31, deadline to qualify for the current moratorium, a 10% surcharge will be incurred by those behind in the payment of taxes on income or property.

According to some taxpayers this measure represents a "... Disguised tax increase, which contradicts the promise made by President Juan Carlos Varela not to raise taxes, despite the existing fiscal deficit.

Costa Rican Food industry Seeks Distributors in San Pedro Sula

July 2014

Seven companies will be in the city on August 7th and 8th searching for distributors for products such as honey, cereals, snacks and sweets.

The purpose of the visit is for the Costa Rican companies to do business with Honduran companies to distribute their products in the northern area of the country.

Lower Real Estate Taxes Proposed in Panama

September 2009

The Industry Chamber proposed lowering the tax from 2.1% to 0.5%.

Nowadays Panama has the highest rate in Latin America, said Chamber president Adolfo Linares. As an example, he commented that Colombia has a 0.75% tax, Guatemala 0.56% and Mexico 0.5%.

Luis Cucalón, from the Economy Ministry, said that "all the proposals will be analyzed by a commission headed by MEF, and all viable propositions will be taken into consideration".