Collaborative Economy: Business Diversifies

With the aim of expanding the market, applications in Guatemala are no longer exclusively dedicated to food delivery, as they propose strategies with supermarkets, clothing stores, pharmacies and shoe stores.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

The companies participating in the Guatemalan market agree that there is a great demand for home delivery services, as the complicated transit situation in Guatemala City forces customers to seek alternatives.

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Review that "... as delivery entered the country in 2018, since then its growth has been notorious. The businessmen detail that the increase is directed in two figures from 10 percent."

The article details that ".... The search trend for home service applications in Google shows that Glovo and Uber Eatsquienes are leading the way. While Hugo App stays behind. The three start-ups have relationships with more than 200 companies for the delivery of food and convenience products."

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Collaborative Economy: New Competitor in Panama

March 2020

In a few days the company DiDi will start operating in the country, an application dedicated to the transport of people and which is already recruiting driving partners.

This is the second market in Central America where the application will compete, since in November 2019 began offering its services in Costa Rica, specifically in San Jose, Cartago, Alajuela, Heredia and Puntarenas.

Collaborative Economy: New Competitor in Costa Rica

October 2019

After investing $2 million, the company Rappi, dedicated to the service of food delivery, orders and cash transport, began operations in the country.

This type of service supply is increasing in the Costa Rican market, as Rappi will have to compete with Uber Esats, Glovo and Hugo.

Sharing Economy Grows in El Salvador

November 2018

Uber Eats food delivery application will be available in the country from November 23rd and will start operating with 150 affiliated restaurants.

Representatives of Uber Eats for Central America informed that in the first phase of operation, the application will cover food deliveries in some areas of the Metropolitan Area of San Salvador.

Boom in Sharing Economy

June 2018

The implementation of two applications used for home delivery services in Guatemala reinforces the irreversible trend towards better use of available resources through innovation and technology.

One of the applications now available is Uber Eats, which lets people place orders from different restaurants with varied prices. Another of the companies that has started up is Glovo, dedicated to the purchase, reception and shipping of several product categories.