Coffee in Costa Rica: Rust Threat Alert

A warning has been given that changes in the climatic conditions during the next two months will encourage an increase of the presence of the fungus in all coffee locations in the country.

Friday, May 19, 2017

From a statement issued by the Coffee Institute:

According to experts from the Costa Rican Coffee Institute, ICAFE, the current variations in the behavior of atmospheric conditions presents a high level of risk and encourages an increase of Rust in all of the coffee locations in the country.

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The amount of Rust could increase by 9 percentage points in Coto Brus and Turrialba in the second half of May, while in the Central Valley, Valle Occidental, Pérez Zeledón, Zona Norte and Los Santos, it could increase by 4 percentage points at the end of the first half of June.

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Rust Warning in Coffee Plantations

March 2018

In Costa Rica, climatic conditions have favored the development of rust in areas of early maturation, where 40% of the almost 30 thousand hectares planted are affected.

For the moment, the presence of this outbreak by epitifia is located in the coffee regions known as early maturing zones, that is to say, Pérez Zeledón, Turrialba and Coto Brus. Already, great efforts are being made to prevent this fungus from spreading to other coffee growing areas of the country. 

Guatemala: Concerns Over Incidence of Coffee Rust

October 2017

Climatic conditions in the first half of the year have raised the likelihood of an increase in the presence of the pest in some of the grain producing regions.

The technical department of the National Coffee Association (Anacafé) has stated that the average incidence is 11%, but in some areas in the regions 1, 2, 4 and 7, the incidence is above 20%.

Coffee in Costa Rica: Threat of Rust Persists

April 2017

Although incidence of the disease has decreased in several regions as a result of the dry season, the environmental threat in Turrialba and localities of Orosí, San Vito, Sabalito, Puriscal and San Lorenzo de Tarrazú remains high.

From a report by the Coffee Institute of Costa Rica:

Costa Rica: Emergency Decree on Coffee Rust

January 2013

Public and private institutions have been empowered to provide financial resources and all kinds of help to the state phytosanitary service in order to handle the emergency.

A statement from the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock reads: