Coffee: Record Price in Cup of Excellence

The lot that this year was best quoted in the international electronic auction reached $30 thousand per hundredweight, and the grain comes from the canton of Dota, Los Santos zone, Costa Rica.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The high quality coffee that received the best quote in the international electronic auction in the Cup of Excellence contest is from the Don Cayito farm, with a price of $30,009 per hundredweight. 

This price has not been reached before, since the closest price was registered in the contest of 2017, when a Brazilian coffee obtained a price of $13,020 per hundredweight.

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Regarding the buyers of the Costa Rican coffee that was priced highest in the 2018 contest, that explains " ... The joint buyers were the Japanese companies Maruyama Coffee, Sarutahiko Coffee and Yamada Coffee, which are recognized in the international coffee market and are characterized by high specialty grain." 

In relation to the conditions where the winning grain, which is of the Geisha variety, was harvested, the article adds that " ... The farm where the winning coffee was harvested is at 1,950 meters altitude, in a place called La Bandera, about four kilometers from Santa María de Dota. The area is characterized by the excellent conditions for producing coffee of very high quality."

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Record Price Paid for Panamanian Coffee

July 2018

A Taiwanese company has paid $803 for a pound of geisha coffee produced in the province of Chiriqui, surpassing the highest price of $601 paid for a grain of this type.

In the online auction 'The Best of Panama 2018', the Asian company Black Gold Coffee Co paid the highest amount per pound that has been registered for a coffee of the geisha variety, buying it from Elida Geisha Green Tip Natural which produces the grain in the District of Boquete.

Costa Rica: $8 thousand per Hundredweight of Speciality Coffee

June 2017

At the international auction, a hundredweight of Geisha coffee by Grupo Los Grandes de Copey won the first place and the sum of $8,030 was paid by an international buyer.

The price paid by the Japanese company Maruyama Coffee was 37% higher than that paid at the Coffee Cup of Excellence 2016 online auction, when $5,900 per hundredweight was paid for the winning coffee.

$58 per pound Paid for Guatemalan coffee

June 2017

A sample of the grain from a farm in the municipality of Acatenango obtained the highest price in the online auction known as the Coffee Excellence Cup in Guatemala.

Angel-in-us Coffee and Maruyama Coffee Co. yesterday bought the two lots of high-quality Pacamara coffee produced in the municipality of Acatenango by the El Paraxaj estate.  In the Excellence Cup online auction, the highest price was $58 per pound and the second highest was quoted at $53.41.  

Costa Rica: $4,500 per Quintal at Coffee Auction

July 2012

The best price achieved in the online auction Cup of Excellence, was by coffee from the Villa Zamora farm, processed by Brumas del Zurquí.

As for price, the second place went to Dragon farm, at $2.008 per quintal, which was acquired by the companies Time's Club for C-COOP (Japan) and Coffee Libre (South Korea).