Coffee: More Demanding Consumers

Although consumption has remained stable in recent years, the Costa Rican market now demands greater quality and variety in preparation methods.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

According to figures from the Chamber of Coffee Roasters, per capita demand in the country is around four kilograms of coffee beans per year, which is equivalent to two cups of coffee per person per day.

José Manuel Hernando, president of the roasters guild, explained to that "... The consumption of coffee has been stable, without growth in quantity, but in weight diversification. A greater offer of qualities, preparation methods and occasions for consumption, have given vitality to consumption."

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Among the coffee chains that have recently expanded their selling points in the country are Britt, Giacomin, Starbucks and Juan Valdez.

Regarding the expansion of coffee chains, Pablo Vargas, executive president of Grupo Britt, explained that "... building a base of coffee shops in different locations in Costa Rica is the first step of a work plan that aims to "franchise" the model outside the country. We have many requests from customers who want to operate Café Britt franchises across five continents. The legal-contractual parts, brand book, menu and standards are practically ready."

Giacomin representatives informed that soon they plan to open six more sales points in the Grand Metropolitan Area, so there will be 16 cafes.

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Central America: Potential Market for Coffee Shops

August 2020

Starbucks of Condado Concepción, located on the road to El Salvador, Guatemala, is a sales point that at a distance of 15 minutes by car, has a potential market of more than 150 thousand consumers, and of this group of people 43% are interested in coffee.

Using the Geomarketing solutions we have developed for our clients, CentralAmericaData's Trade Intelligence team analyzed the environment of some of the main coffee shop locations in Central America. Below is an extract of the study's findings.

Home office and Coffee Market

July 2020

Due to the reduction in office work and the increase in teleworking, Costa Rican toasters estimate that the local market demand for the beverage has contracted between 15% and 20%, when compared to sales levels prior to the beginning of the health crisis.

With the spread of covid-19 several companies and public institutions, which were able to accommodate their employees' work in the form of teleworking, stopped buying coffee for consumption in the offices.

Trend in "Gourmet" Coffee Shops

March 2015

A new business model focused on providing high-quality coffee and from designated sources has started operations in Costa Rica, aimed at discerning consumers.

Five coffee shops have started up using this business model which allows consumers to choose the origin of their coffee and choose among five methods of extraction of the beverage.

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The Colombian coffee shop chain announced stores in Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica. reports: "In Costa Rica, Juan Valdez will find a competitive market full of national and international brands such as Starbucks, Illy Gourmet, Saboreatéycafé and KafeHaus, among others."