Coffee: Good Expectations Due to Price Rebound

The increase to $135 of the international price of the quintal is promising for the coffee sector, since in recent years producers have gone through severe crises because of the fall in the price of the grain.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

According to figures from Bloomberg Markets, between mid-November and the first week of December the price of a quintal of coffee at the international level registered an important upturn, going from $100 to $135.

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The rise is partly explained by the prospects of the International Coffee Organization (ICO), which in its October report forecast a 0.9% drop in world production, corresponding to 2019-2020 harvest.

Fredy Pastrana, a coffee producer, told that "... they are happy about the price increase, however, climate change is affecting this year's production. The yield of the coffee fruit at the time of pulping is lower, because the beans failed to develop well due to lack of rainfall in the mountains."

For Miguel Pon, executive director of the Association of Coffee Exporters of Honduras (Adecafeh), should "... temporarily suspend the retention of $9 that makes the Ihcafe so that the rural economy can breathe. It is time to make revisions to the system that has been functioning for ten years."

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Coffee in Honduras: Negative Outlook

January 2019

Honduran coffee growers forecast that for the 2018-2019 harvest, foreign sales income will be reduced by $300 million with respect to the previous cycle.

According to the Association of Coffee Exporters of Honduras (Adecafeh), the bad numbers for the sector continue, because so far this crop has registered a fall of $ 40 million in exports, equivalent to 400 thousand quintals, compared to the previous cycle.

Honduran Coffee in Numbers

March 2018

Up until March 5, the volume exported from the current 2017/18 harvest amounted to 3.6 million bags, 17% more than was reported on the same date of the 2016-2017 cycle.

According to figures from the Honduran Coffee Institute (Ihcafe), the value of sales of the grain abroad showed a behavior contrary to the volume exported. "...The value of exports is $446.5 million, showing a decrease of 1% compared to $450.5 million."

Coffee Prices Keep Rising

February 2014

The international price of the grain was quoted at $172.60 per quintal in New York Stock Exchange.

On Wednesday, the price of coffee rose again, resulting in an increase of $52.6 in just 19 days.

Miguel Pon, CEO of the Honduran Association of Coffee Exporters explained: "Even though there as rainfall in the coffee areas this weekend (in Brazil), a new forecast of a reduced amount of precipitation in the next few weeks encouraged speculative buying as evidenced by participation of funds. " '

Honduras Harvests 24% Less Coffee Than in 2012

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The coffee cycle closed 2012-13 with sales of $650 million less than in the previous cycle.

This was announced by the Coffee Exporters Association of Honduras (Adecafeh). Among the largest Honduran grain buyers are Germany and Belgium, followed by the the U.S., Japan and Korea, said Miguel Pon, Adecafeh's manager.