Citi's New Corporate Center in Guatemala

The company has said it will invest $30 million in the construction of an environmentally friendly banking building.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

"The complex and corporate park is the first building in Guatemala for a financial institution which is registered for LEED certification (acronym for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design)", which supports the reduction of environmental impact by reducing energy consumption , water and carbon dioxide emissions, said the CEO of Citi Guatemala, Bernardo Chacin.

This will be the second building in the region seeking certification, the first was built in El Salvador. According to Chacin, the facility measuring 140,000 m² will be located on the southern outskirts of Guatemala City and only 20% will be built on, the remaining land will be for native forest nad city green areas.

He added that the facility will house 1,900 employees, will have a nursing service, lounges and a cafeteria for 400 people.

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