Christmas Sales, Expectations and E-Commerce

Although sales are not expected to exceed those of the 2019 Christmas season, businesses expect revenues to be robust in the context of the pandemic, a situation that could be enhanced by the dynamism of digital channels.

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

The spread of covid-19 generated an economic crisis, which for most of 2020 significantly affected the commercial sector. Despite the fact that in the context of the new business reality and changing consumer habits, commercial establishments are still in the process of adapting, there is optimism among businesspeople regarding end-of-year sales.

In the Costa Rican market, seasonal sales have already shown positive signs. Some days ago it was reported that in the context of the economic crisis the country is going through, businessmen of the commercial sector informed that the "black Friday" sales of 2020 were similar to those of 2019.

Business leaders agree that in this context of social distancing, a large number of consumers have migrated to digital channels and that strategies should focus on online sales.

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Marisya Federspiel, Director of Corporate Communications for the Universal store chain, told that among her strategies is to offer "... discounts from 20% to 40% at Universal's online store. Also, they have channels like Whatsapp lines, delivery service and pickup for better attention to consumer orders."

Mariela Pacheco, assistant manager of Corporate Affairs for Walmart Mexico and Central America, explained that "... There is definitely a greater awareness of online sales and that is why throughout this year we have invested in the development of more efficient online shopping platforms, which allow customers to choose between receiving their order at one of our stores or in the comfort of their own homes."

CentralAmericaData's research shows that between July and October 2020, the number of Costa Rican consumers who explored options to make an online purchase associated with Christmas increased by 23%.

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