Chinese Constructor Leaves Costa Rica

Chinafecc Central America S.A., a subsidiary of the Chinese state-owned company building the National Stadium, will leave the country in the midst of controversy due to a series of visas issued to its workers.

Friday, July 2, 2010 reported that company representatives had allegedly presented gifts to Costa Rican diplomats in China, while the visas of 40 Chinese workers were being processed.

Chinafecc, a subsidiary of Anhui Foreign Economic Construction (AFEC), owned by the Chinese state, was building a 123-apartment condominium called “Torres del Lago”.

The company announced it will withdraw from the project, and its developer, Palacio Oriental, must now find another builder.

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Chamber of Chinese Enterprises in Central America

August 2015

Seventeen Chinese companies who are operating in the region in sectors such as infrastructure, petrochemicals, telecommunications and high technology form part of the new association.

The purpose of the Association of Chinese Enterprises in Central America (Assecca), which will be based in Costa Rica, is to improve the promotion of their work in the region, create alliances and provide support in the different activities carried out in Central America.

Doing Business in China Now Easier

May 2013

71 steps for the establishment of foreign companies in the Asian nation have been eliminated, while another 20 have been delegated to the central government.

The State Council (government) of China has announced that it will simplify administrative procedures, among which is the reduction of paperwork for foreign businessmen to set up their companies in the country.

El Salvador Could Open Trade Office in China

April 2013

In order to exploit the opportunities offered by the Chinese market, the Salvadoran government is studying a way to do it without affecting relations with Taiwan.

A study of relations with People's Republic of China, conducted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of El Salvador concluded that for this year, 2013, the country could open a commercial office in the Asian nation.

Panama: Facilities for Foreign Labor Highlighted

October 2012

Among the impetus for foreign investment is the newly established category of permanent residence for foreigners from friendly nations.

During the second meeting of Spanish companies in Panama, the presence of a delegation of government and Spanish businessmen, led by Prince Felipe of Borbón, allowed the Labor Minister Alma Cortés to highlight the facilities granted by the Canal country for the establishment of foreign companies in its territory, especially in relation to having its own staff to count on.